New York Jets' Odds

The widget below shows the Jets' next game. Included are the betting lines and odds for the game. This is an excellent tool for betters to make informed decisions.

Lead by Todd Bowles, the New York Jets are one of the oldest teams in the NFL. Founded in 1959, the Jets had only won one Super Bowl in 1968. Since then, the Jets have won few championships. In the past five years, the Jets have not been in the playoffs. The most recent time they made the playoffs was 2010. Will the Jets be able to step their game up in the next coming years? Keep track of the New York franchise's best betting options!,0/-/resize/1020x/-/format/jpeg/-/format/auto/-/quality/lightest/-/stretch/off/,0/-/resize/1020x/-/format/jpeg/-/format/auto/-/quality/lightest/-/stretch/off/,0/-/resize/1020x/-/format/jpeg/-/format/auto/-/quality/lightest/-/stretch/off/,0/-/format/jpeg/-/format/auto/-/quality/lightest/-/stretch/off/-/resize/1020x/
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New York Jets' Standings

Below are the Jets' current standings. This chart shows the team's performance compared to all the teams in the league and shows the Jets' performance in the conference and division.


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Finishing 9th in the league during the 2015-2016 season, the New York Jets are a solid team. They won one Super Bowl in 1968 against the then Baltimore Colts. The Jets have not yet won on Conference championships, but they have won 4 division championships, the most recent in 2002.

Some of the Jets’ strengths are their coaching from head coach Todd Bowles and cornerback Darrelle Revis. Some of their weaknesses are their lack of efficient tight ends and their fast offensive line. The sportsbook sees the Jets as a team that hasn’t been in the playoffs in 5 years. Although they finished 9th in the league in the last season, putting them in the upper third of NFL teams, they did not make the playoffs.

In the 2015-2016 season, the Jets scored 387 points for and allowed 314 points against. They won 10 games and lost six games, bringing their win percentage to .625. Their longest streak was one loss. The Jest hail from New York, meaning they are neighbours with such teams like the New York Giants and New England Patriots.