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Sunday, Oct 24 13:00 EDT
Kansas City Chiefs
Tennessee Titans

Congratulations to the 2020 Superbowl Winners

The 2020 Superbowl was won by the Kansas City Chiefs. The game was won 31-20 against the San Francisco 49ers, with Patrick Mahomes starring in the game as the seasons' MVP. 

Going back a few years when they finally made it into the playoffs after a three-year drought, the Chiefs showed their skills in the 2015-2016 season. Playing in Arrowhead Stadium, the Chiefs have been a franchise since 1960. Since then, the Chiefs had not won many championships or titles, until 2020. Having only won one Super Bowl, back in 1969, the Kansas City Chiefs knew exactly what to do to regain their former glory.

Kansas City Chiefs To win the 2022 Superbowl
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What happened last season?

The Chiefs went into the 2021 season as champions, having clinched the 2020 Super Bowl title and performed as the best team in the league. Things started much the same in 2021, but as things got to the Playoffs the Tampa Bay Buccaneers emerged as real contenders. The Chiefs went into the Super Bowl as favorites, but Tampa Bay proved to be too strong, as Tom Brady carried his team to the victory. The Chiefs finished as runners up in 2021.

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Kansas City Chiefs' Standings

Below are the KC Chiefs' current standings. This chart shows the team's performance compared to all the teams in the league and shows their performance in the conference and division.



Bet On Kansas City Chiefs' Games

As the only team in Missouri, the Kansas City Chiefs represent the show-me state in the NFL. The Chiefs have had an interesting NFL history. They have won 3 league championships, one of which was a Super Bowl in 1969. This was also their most recent league championship.

They have won zero Conference Championships. Yet, they have won 8 Divisional Championships, the most recent in 2010. Since their formation in 1960, the Kansas City Chiefs have been in the playoffs 18 times. The most recent of which was in 2015. In the last five years, the Chiefs have been in the playoffs twice. 

One of the strengths of the Kansas City Chiefs is their effective offence. Their players, combined with tight end Travis Kelce, are not to be taken lightly. Moreover, in the last season, the Kansas City Chiefs scored 405 points for and allowed only 287 points against. This yields a 118 net points score. Moreover, the Chiefs won 11 games and only lost 5 games. This yields a .688 win percentage.

One of the weaknesses of the Kansas City Chief is their inconsistent performances. In the 2015- 2016 season, the Chiefs finished second in the AFC West Division. They finished fourth in the AFC Conference, and sixth in the NFL. These standings are not bad and show that the Chiefs have a solid crew. Yet, the last time the Kansas City Chiefs made it to the playoffs was in 2013, and the time before that was in 2010. It seems that the Chiefs’ performance is inconsistent.