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Sunday, Oct 31 16:05 EDT
New England Patriots
Los Angeles Chargers

After a controversial struggle that failed to keep the Chargers in San Diego, the franchise uprooted and joined the Rams as the second NFL franchise in Los Angeles. An inability to secure funds for a new stadium spurred the move away from San Diego, allowing L.A. to acquire a fully-formed NFL squad. The team also inherits a long history of futility, including more than a half-century of competing in the NFL without a Super Bowl ring to show for their efforts.

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Los Angeles Chargers' Standings

Throughout the NFL season, we provide updated information on the latest development in the standings. Before wagering on the Chargers, double-check this section to compare Los Angeles and the next opponent they face.


Bet On Los Angeles Chargers' Games

Similar to the Rams, the Chargers began their NFL football journey as the Los Angeles Chargers before moving to San Diego between 1961-2016. Unlike the Rams, which won a Super Bowl for St. Louis in 1999, the Chargers franchise has never tasted modern success at the championship level. Chargers teams have visited the Super Bowl once in 55 years as a member of the AFC West.

After earning a Super Bowl berth in 1994, the team avoided the playoffs between 1996-2003, representing the worst stretch of futility for the club.

When the Chargers drafted LaDainian Tomlinson, the team’s fortunes reversed, earning five division championships between 2004-2009. Tomlinson, who was inducted into the hall of fame, never had the opportunity of competing for a ring, similar to Barry Sanders.

Of all the teams in the AFC West, the Chargers have earned the fewest playoff appearances, outpaced by the Denver Broncos, Oakland Raiders and Kansas City Chiefs, who represent their divisional rivals. They’re the only team in the division that hasn’t won an NFL ring during the modern era. Their last championship (1963) was four years before the Super Bowl was established.

Fortunately, fans of the Los Angeles Chargers won’t have to endure the growing pains of an expansion franchise, which must build talent from the draft up. Los Angeles inherited a franchise quarterback and one of the most exciting defensive ends in the league from San Diego. This allows the Chargers to compete with a tough AFC West division. 

Distractions due to relocation should fade quickly, and the Los Angeles Chargers could surprise the football world by beginning their new era with a strong step forward towards the postseason. By the time the Chargers move into their new Los Angeles stadium, they could be among the favourites to make the second Super Bowl appearance in franchise history.