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      Hailing from the Centennial State, the Denver Broncos are one of the NFL’s best teams. Having won the Super Bowl last season, the Broncos are ready for their next challenge. Up until 1975, the Broncos were not considered a good team. But now, there is no doubt that the Denver Broncos are one of the, if not the best, team in the NFL. This is supported by their skilful gameplay, obvious talent, and dominance on the field.

      Denver Broncos' Standings

      Below are the Denver Broncos' current standings. This chart shows the team's performance compared to all the teams in the league and shows the Broncos' performance in the conference and division. 


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      Know as one of the more skilful teams in the NFL, the Broncos share the record for most Super Bowl appearances along with the New England Patriots, Pittsburg Steelers, and Dallas Cowboys. The Denver Broncos have had an amazing history. Since their formation, the Denver Broncos have won 3 Super Bowls, the most recent in the 2015-2016 season. They have won eight Conference Championships, the latest in the 2015-2016 season.

      Moreover, the Broncos have also won 15 Division Championships, the most recent of which, again, was in the 2015-2016 season. In their 56 years of existence, the Denver Broncos have been in the playoffs 22 times. In the past five years, the Broncos have been in the playoffs five times.  

      When it comes to the strengths and weaknesses of the Denver Broncos, there are many. Their strengths are, well, everything. Having won the Super Bowl in the last season, it is clear that the Broncos have the best defence and offence in the league. Yet, their greatest strengths may also be their greatest weakness. Having just won the Super Bowl, it is unlikely that the Denver Broncos will do it again this year. Yet, unlikely and impossible are two different things.

      When examining the Denver Broncos, it’s essential to look at their last season. The Broncos won 12 games and lost four games. This brought their winning percentage to .750. They scored 355 points for and allowed for 296 points to be scored against them.

      This gives then a net points score of 59. When betting on the Denver Broncos, it’s important to remember that this team has experience. Having just come off a Super Bowl win, the Broncos are preparing to make sure it happens a second time. The question now remains; will they have the skill required to win a second time?