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The Super Bowl LV returns to our screens on February 7, 2021, as we head to the Raymond James Stadium, Tampa, FL, for the Super Bowl 55. As we football fans try to predict who will feature this year, they are also wondering who will be the MVP, if they’re team estimations are correct.

The odds are now available for who will the MVP refer to in their speech & the outright Super Bowl MVP odds. The odds were last updated on January 25, 2021:

Winning City8.008.00
PowerPlayBetway888 Sport
Kansas City Chiefs1.611.651.61
Tampa Bay Buccaneers2.452.452.45

Each year there is a panel of 16 highly credited sportswriters that will cast their votes as to who is the MVP at that year's Bowl. In 2001, the NFL introduced electronic fan voting, which now accounts for 20% of the vote with the writers making up the other 80%.

Similar to the odds to make it to Tampa in February, the NFL Super Bowl MVP odds are available well in advance of the day itself. Those players bold enough to wager on Super Bowl MVP betting will be rewarded generously.

Our in-house NFL experts have assessed the field and will make predictions as to which players have a shot at silverware this year. Based on live Super Bowl MVP odds, we’ll give you a depth of insight regarding this year’s Super Bowl.

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  • Super Bowl MVP betting opportunities

    It will come as no surprise to football fans that the favorite to win the Super Bowl LV MVP award is the same man who won the Super Bowl LIV, the Kansas City Chiefs Patrick Mahomes. Mahomes enters the race at 4.5.

    The Chiefs star quarterback is closely followed by the Packers starman this season Aaron Rodgers who comes in at 6.25 across the majority of top-tier oddsmakers. The odds are clearly based on the teams most likely to make it to the Super Bowl LV, with the Packers and Chiefs slated to be the most likely teams in attendance.

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  • The Chiefs are the strongest team in the league by some distance. We’ve been saying this since the season started, it’s as if they haven’t really been trying in the regular season and we expect to see them move up a gear or two in these last few games.

    Rodgers has been playing the season of his life this year and interestingly for bettors, Rodgers has the highest ticket percentage at 18%, closely followed by the favorite in the NFL Super Bowl MVP odds Mahomes at 10%.

    For those bettors that prefer a long shot, or just don’t want to back the favorites in the oddsmaker’s eyes, the rest of the MVP potentials look like this:

    • Drew Brees - 8.50
    • Josh Allen - 10.00
    • Lamar Jackson - 11.00

    These are the top 5 contenders. Will it be Mahomes making a repeat of last year, producing a dominant performance to overcome whoever it may be on that February Sunday? Could it be the Saints QB Drew Brees claiming his second MVP award, having won it back at Super Bowl XLIV where the Saints beat the Colts 31-17?

    Super Bowl Prob Bets MVPs

    Avoiding a Super Bowl MVP quarterback bet

    Although quarterbacks claim the award the most out of any position on the field, history has shown that anyone can claim the top prize. Twelve of the previous 20 awards have gone to QBs, but with some unbelievable receivers playing for teams in contention for the Super Bowl LV - could we see it going to a player in a different position?

    Let’s take a look at the odds for players in other positions commanding a position in the Super Bowl MVP odds this year:

    • Davante Adams - 25.00
    • Tyreek Hill - 21.00
    • Travis Kelce - 21.00

    The best non-QB odds offer odds as longshots. The Chiefs receiver Tyreek Hill is electric and is capable of an MVP performance, which would likely be facilitated by the brilliance of Mahomes distribution - which makes this a real outsider wager.

    Below you’ll find a complete list of the previous Super Bowl MVPs, from I to LIV:

    • Super Bowl I — QB Bart Starr, Green Bay
    • Super Bowl II — QB Bart Starr, Green Bay
    • Super Bowl III — QB Joe Namath, N.Y. Jets
    • Super Bowl IV — QB Len Dawson, Kansas City
    • Super Bowl V — LB Chuck Howley, Dallas
    • Super Bowl VI — QB Roger Staubach, Dallas
    • Super Bowl VII — S Jake Scott, Miami
    • Super Bowl VIII — RB Larry Csonka, Miami
    • Super Bowl IX — RB Franco Harris, Pittsburgh
    • Super Bowl X — WR Lynn Swann, Pittsburgh
    • Super Bowl XI — WR Fred Biletnikoff, Oakland
    • Super Bowl XII — DT Randy White and DE Harvey Martin, Dallas
    • Super Bowl XIII — QB Terry Bradshaw, Pittsburgh
    • Super Bowl XIV — QB Terry Bradshaw, Pittsburgh
    • Super Bowl XV — QB Jim Plunkett, Oakland
    • Super Bowl XVI — QB Joe Montana, San Francisco
    • Super Bowl XVII — RB John Riggins, Washington
    • Super Bowl XVIII — RB Marcus Allen, L.A. Raiders
    • Super Bowl XIX — QB Joe Montana, San Francisco
    • Super Bowl XX — DE Richard Dent, Chicago
    • Super Bowl XXI — QB Phil Simms, N.Y. Giants
    • Super Bowl XXII — QB Doug Williams, Washington
    • Super Bowl XXIII — WR Jerry Rice, San Francisco
    • Super Bowl XXIV — QB Joe Montana, San Francisco
    • Super Bowl XXV — RB Ottis Anderson, N.Y. Giants
    • Super Bowl XXVI — QB Mark Rypien, Washington
    • Super Bowl XXVII — QB Troy Aikman, Dallas
    • Super Bowl XXVIII — RB Emmitt Smith, Dallas
    • Super Bowl XXIX — QB Steve Young, San Francisco
    • Super Bowl XXX — CB Larry Brown, Dallas
    • Super Bowl XXXI — KR-PR Desmond Howard, Green Bay
    • Super Bowl XXXII — RB Terrell Davis, Denver
    • Super Bowl XXXIII — QB John Elway, Denver
    • Super Bowl XXXIV — QB Kurt Warner, St. Louis
    • Super Bowl XXXV — LB Ray Lewis, Baltimore
    • Super Bowl XXXVI — QB Tom Brady, New England
    • Super Bowl XXXVII — S Dexter Jackson, Tampa Bay
    • Super Bowl XXXVIII — QB Tom Brady, New England
    • Super Bowl XXXIX — WR Deion Branch, New England
    • Super Bowl XL — WR Hines Ward, Pittsburgh
    • Super Bowl XLI — QB Peyton Manning, Indianapolis
    • Super Bowl XLII — QB Eli Manning, N.Y. Giants
    • Super Bowl XLIII — WR Santonio Holmes, Pittsburgh
    • Super Bowl XLIV — QB Drew Brees, New Orleans
    • Super Bowl XLV — QB Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay
    • Super Bowl XLVI — QB Eli Manning, N.Y. Giants
    • Super Bowl XLVII — QB Joe Flacco, Baltimore
    • Super Bowl XLVIII — LB Malcolm Smith, Seattle
    • Super Bowl XLIX — QB Tom Brady, New England
    • Super Bowl 50 — LB Von Miller, Denver
    • Super Bowl LI — QB Tom Brady, New England
    • Super Bowl LII — QB Nick Foles, Philadelphia
    • Super Bowl LIII — WR Julian Edelman, New England
    • Super Bowl LIV — QB Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City

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      Super Bowl MVP FAQs

      • Not at all, in fact, statistically, 60% of the Super Bowl MVPs have been quarterbacks. It’s often assumed that the MVP will be a quarterback, but the facts say otherwise.

      • There are so many great sportsbooks available to Canadian players. It’s impossible to say which is best, as that is something which is subjective and no one sportsbook is perfect for all players.

      • Definitely. The Super Bowl offers so many different kinds of prop betting opportunities, a Super Bowl MVP wager can be added to a parlay or just stay as a standalone bet.

      • Super Bowl MVP odds, especially futures, offer excellent Super Bowl MVP betting odds. This means that customers can wager early on and get an even bigger payout, or just back a dog in the fight and hope it comes in!

      • Yes. In fact, bettors are able to access the odds months before the event takes place. The regular season gives oddsmakers a good idea of who will make it to the Super Bowl, as such oddsmakers post odds in accordance with those insights.