Super Bowl Anthem Props

The Super Bowl is the last opportunity for football fans to get involved in NFL betting for the season before the season concludes and we cast our eyes to the following season. The Super Bowl anthem bet opportunities are excellent and offer a unique chance to get on in the action for the last time.

Many football fans focus their betting on mainstream betting lines, such as the moneyline and over/under, however, opportunities like Super Bowl anthem bets are a great way to wager on other aspects of the Super Bowl LV with the very best online providers

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  • The odds for the Super Bowl anthem are now available. The odds were last updated on January 25, 2021:

    Over 1.55 minutes1.451.45
    Under 1.55 minutes2.552.55

    How to bet on the Super Bowl Anthem

    With the February weekend fast approaching, bettors will be focusing their attention on the Super Bowl national anthem among other prop betting markets. Bettors will be hopeful of making their own star-spangled profits as the national anthem roars throughout the Raymond James Stadium.

    But, what kind of Super Bowl anthem bets can be placed? Well, bettors will have the chance to wager on more than just picking the correct song to be played. They’ll be presented the chance to wager on the over/under for the national anthem, which adds an extra element to the crescendo of the NFL season.

    An example by BetZest of an over/under bet on the Super Bowl national anthem could look something like this:

    • Star-Spangled Banner to play over 1.45seconds (3.50)

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  • How long could the song be?

    Bettors will be presented with the chance to wager on the length of the song, as over the years the performers have presented the world with their own version of Francis Scott Key’s iconic American classic.

    Based on what we’ve seen in recent years, a long song does seem to be the trend. For those sports fans looking to wager on the over, we can see that there has been a trend for the over since 2007, with only four anthems going under and one push in there as well.

    Even still, the two performers that did go under still came out singing the star-spangled banner for more than two minutes. A two-minute tune is what is slated these days, so although the over/under figure set by oddsmakers has adjusted to a longer length, the over is probably the pick.

    Super Bowl Prob Bets National Anthem

    Who will be singing at this year’s Super Bowl?

    Another excellent line for bettors to indulge in is “who will be the singer at this year’s Super Bowl?” As it stands, the Weeknd is the only confirmed performer. It is always a mystery who will turn up on the day, with a history of occasional shock appearances at the Super Bowl, it’s always a point of interest.

    If we cast our minds back to previous Super Bowl events, we can see who has performed on the big stage in recent years. The performers in recent years are as follows:

    • LI (2017) - Lady Gaga
    • LII (2018) - Justin Timberlake
    • LIII (2019) - Maroon 5, with guests Travis Scott and Big Boi
    • LIV (2020) - Shakira and Jennifer Lopez
    • LV (2021) - The Weeknd

    Although it may seem trivial, the Super Bowl national anthem bet lines are extremely popular. So much so, in fact, back in 2015, many major sportsbooks paused national anthem betting lines, as there were some exceptionally large bets being placed.

    Oddsmakers are very cautious and pay close attention to any external influences, which may affect the odds. If a provider is privy to any inside information, such as the public having access to song rehearsals or leaks from performers, they are likely to halt the betting lines - no bookie wants the odds lopsided against them.

    Finally, it’s important to not get too caught up in the gambling side of the national anthem. Of course, bettors will want to get as involved as they please, but remember to enjoy the event! If we may take you on a quick journey down memory lane and take you back to Whitney Houston’s 1991 rendition, which was met with great regard as she stamped her mark on the day.

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      Super Bowl Anthem FAQs

      • The solo artist The Weeknd has been confirmed to sing at the 2021 Super Bowl, but there are still a few artists yet to be confirmed.

      • Yes, of course! The Super Bowl anthem betting represents just another betting line available as a prop bet leading up to and during the Super Bowl weekend.

      • Based on previous Super Bowl national anthems the average length of the Super Bowl national anthem over the past 21 years is 116.24 seconds.

      • The last Super Bowl national anthem was sung by Demi Lovato, which took 109 seconds (1 minute and 49 seconds) to sing the national anthem at Super Bowl LIV in 2020.

      • It certainly is, like any Super Bowl prop bet, there are a variety of great odds that bettors can take advantage of on the day or leading up to that special weekend in February.