Super Bowl Moneyline Betting

      The Super Bowl offers football fans a plethora of betting options, with the moneyline being one of the most popular available lines. It’s the most simple of all wagers in sports betting to understand. Making a money line bet on Super Bowl markets is a very simple process and one of the most frequent betting types a player will see at any major provider.

      Taking a look at other betting lines such as the over-under and point spread – the moneyline is far more simplistic and doesn’t require the bettor’s focus to be anywhere but on the outcome of the match.

      Simply put, when placing a money line bet on the Super Bowl, bettors will need to take a look at both teams and decide which one will become the Super Bowl champion. We’ll break down the moneyline and give some examples of how it might look at the Super Bowl – read on!

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    • While we don’t have the moneyline odds for the Super Bowl, let’s have a look at the Super Bowl Futures. The odds were last updated on February 2, 2022:

      Super Bowl 2023 Odds ComeOn Sports Interaction Bet99
      Kansas City Chiefs 7.00 7.00 7.25
      Buffalo Bills 8.00 8.50 8.00
      Los Angeles Rams 11.00 11.00 11.00
      Cincinnati Bengals 12.00 12.00 12.00
      Green Bay Packers 15.00 15.00 15.00
      Dallas Cowboys 17.00 17.00 18.00

      How to Bet on the Super Bowl Moneyline?

      Understanding the odds is important, so before you even think about placing your first moneyline wager, learn a bit about how the odds work and how to spot an underdog and a favourite. If you back the right team, you will likely see a decent return.

      The two options bettors have in Super Bowl moneyline betting are to back the favourite or the dog. Backing the dog will provide a much bigger return, than if the bettor decides to go with the favourite. This is one of the great things about Super Bowl moneylines, backing the dog is always exciting and more so when it pays out!

      One of the best things about the Super Bowl is the ability to wager on the action to add a little more colour and excitement to the almost 4-hour epic football game. Moneylines are a great way for novice bettors to get in on the action without having to spend too much time examining the odds.

      Remember, placing a money line bet on the Super Bowl only requires bettors to analyze the two teams participating and try to come up with an estimation as to who will lift the Vince Lombardi Trophy on that special February Sunday!

      Super Bowl Moneyline Bets

      Moneyline Example

      Right, we’ve talked about moneylines, now we’re going to provide our readers with an example from BetCris in the content of the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl 56 may lineup like this:

      • Kansas City Chiefs (-180)
      • Green Bay Packers (+225)

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    • As we can see from these odds, the Kansas City Chiefs are the clear favourites at (-180) and the Green Bay Packers are underdogs at (+225). The favourite will always be represented by a “-” symbol, while the underdog will always have the odds preceded by a “-” sign.

      Basically, what this means is that if a bettor placed a $180 bet on the Chiefs to win the Super Bowl, and they won, the bettor would win $100. When wagering on the favourites, you are betting the minus amount to win a $100 profit.

      The Alternative would be to back the underdog, which in this case would be the Packers. A $100 stake would win a profit of $200. In both cases, the bettor would receive the original $100 stake, plus the amount we mentioned as the profit.

      Basically, if the underdog wins, the bettor is likely to receive a much better payout, but the odds are less favourable. Ultimately, the Super Bowl is the culmination of an NFL regular season and the majority of the postseason; meaning the two teams that make it to the Super Bowl are likely to be highly skilled. This means although there is always going to be a dog in the fight, the odds might not be significantly different.

      Super Bowl Moneyline Bets

      The last point we’ll make is there are plenty of online sportsbook providers to choose from when assessing the Super Bowl odds, so be sure to line shop and find the right odds for your wager. Do your research, even if it’s a simple moneyline bet.

      Now that you have learnt all about the Super Bowl moneyline, choose from the reliable list below a convenient sportsbook for you to place your wager".

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