Super Bowl First Points

Start Out Ahead - Stay Ahead. Yours truly learned that young and it has served me well. It should also act as a mantra for Philadelphia and New England as they roll into Super Bowl LII. While they have never been the winning score, the first points in NFL Championship games have set the tone more often than not. Let's look at first score props for the Eagles vs Patriots clash on 04.05.18 at U.S. Bank Stadium.

Who Scored The First Super Bowl Points

By who, how and when the first score occurs has been tied to standard proposition betting options for decades. Coming in all shapes and sizes, the first score on Super Bowl Sunday has been very eclectic during the first 51 fights. We have recorded them all - So you don't have to look them up.

Super Bowl LII Betting Legend: Prediction ORANGE Loss RED Win GREEN

Shaded Blue: Super Bowl games played by New England and/or Philadelphia.

Game Clock: Time showing on the game clock when the first SB scoring play began.

SB# Q# PLAY First Points in the Super Bowl (42-51) TEAM WIN?
51 2 RTD Freeman 5 YD Run (Bryant Kick) 12:20 ATL N
50 1 FG FG McManus 34 YD 10:47 DEN Y
49 2 PTD LaFell 11 YD Pass from Brady (Gostkowski Kick) 9:51 NEP Y
48 1 SFTY Safety Moreno tackled in the endzone by Cliff Avril 14:53 SEA Y
47 1 PTD Boldin 13 YD Pass from Flacco (Tucker Kick) 10:42 BAL Y
46 1 SFTY Safety End Zone Intentional Grounding by Brady 9:00 NYG Y
45 1 PTD Nelson 29 YD Pass from Rodgers (Crosby Kick) 3:51 GB Y
44 1 FG FG Stover 38 YD 7:34 IND N
43 1 FG FG Reed 18 YD 9:50 PIT Y
42 1 FG FG Tynes 32 YD 5:06 *16 Plays = Longest Super Bowl Drive NYG Y

Super Bowl First Points History

Field Goals, TD Runs, Passes, a Blocked Punt, a Kick Return and Safeties is the super-sized variety pack of NFL Championship initial scores. Rodney Dangerfield's when it come to SB MVP voting, though often opening and/or closing the scoring, kickers have booted home the first points during 23 of the first 51 title matches. There have also been 17 TD passes, six TD runs, three Safeties, plus the two special team scores. The latter five all paid big bucks and rocked bookmakers everywhere.

Green Bay twice (PTD & FG) as huge favorites, plus the New York Jets (RTDR) and Kansas City Chiefs (FG) who were massive underdogs, scored first while winning the first four NFL title games. In the more here and now, after the match winners scored first during six straight contests, Atlanta (RTD) posted the first points last year before losing 34-28 to New England in OT. Click the banner below to connect to SportsInteraction and check out their vast selection of Super Bowl LII prop offers.

Super Bowl 52 First Score Prediction Patriots (-138)

First Team To Score Result: Jake Elliott 25 YD Field Goal Philadelphia Eagles 3-0 (7:05)

First Points In Patriots and Eagles NFL Championships

As it pertains to the New England vs Philadelphia battle, we have lots of numbers on the Patriots but the Eagles information nest is pretty empty. Philadelphia allowed a Jim Plunket to Cliff Branch 2-yard TD pass and the Eagles were grounded during a 27-10 SB 15 loss to the Oakland Raiders in 1981. Back at the Big Dance in 2005, a Donavan McNabb 6-yard TD pass to TE L.J. Smith gave Philly their first and only lead as they dropped Super Bowl 39 versus the Patriots by a 24-12 final count.

Pre Tom Brady era (1986 & 1997) NEP scored first with a 36-yard FG but were crushed 46-10 by Chicago in SB 20. A Brett Favre to Andre Rison 54-yard rainbow TD pass put the Patriots in a hole during their 35-21 pounding by the Green Bay Packers in SB 31. With Brady at the helm, the Pats were scored on first (FG, PTD, RTD) but won SB 36, 39 & 51. The NY Giants scored first (FG, SFTY) and claimed SB 42 & 46 while Brady TD passes opened the scoring in SB 38 and 49 wins.

Defense Dictates: Both defenses can cause drives to stall early during Super Bowl 52 

Super Bowl 52 First Score Pick: Touchdown (-150) OR Field Goal/Safety (+120) @ Bodog

First SB LII Score Result: Jake Elliott 25 YD Field Goal (14 Plays 67 YD 7:05 Elapsed)

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After ATL RB Devonta Freeman's 5-yard RTD opened the scoring - Atlanta's 2017 Super Bowl 51 meltdown snapped a run of six games where teams that scored first also won. Previously, from 2011 to 2016, the Packers (PTD) Giants (SFTY) Ravens (PTD) Seahawks (SFTY) Patriots (PTD) and Broncos (FG) all scored first and went on to claim the Vince Lombardi Trophy. Overall, teams that have posted the first Super Bowl Sunday score own a sparkling 34-17 SU money line record.

During the past quarter century, ground attacks have been M.I.A. as SB first scorers. Freeman's TD was the first time that a rushing score was the Super Bowl first points since Buffalo Bills RB Thurman Thomas pounded in a 2-yard rushing score during the SB 27 back in 1993. After that, over the next 25 years, field goals (11) pass touchdowns (10) safeties (2) and Devon Hester's dazzling SB 44 first play 92-yard kickoff return touchdown, have paid bettor's as the first Super Bowl scoring plays.

Unsung Hero's: Until they miss a chip-shot field goal - Nobody notices Place Kickers. 

Exotic First Scoring Play Prop Bet: First Score Before 7:00 Elapsed (-120)Bet365

Time of First Scoring Play Result: PK Jake Elliott Made 25 Y FG 14 Plays 67 Yards in 7:05

SB LII First Score Final Thoughts: Being as getting points on the scoreboard early is a priority, for both teams, first quarter field goals are common if scoring drives bog down. That changes later in games as teams trailing by two scores or more will be looking for touchdowns first and field goals second - if at all. Recognized around the globe, CSB recommended bookmakers deliver the best Big Game Prop betting action. Open an account, bank a bonus and get in the game today.

SB# Q# PLAY First Points in the Super Bowl (1-41) TEAM WIN?
41 1 KRTD Hester 92 YD Kick Return (Gould Kick) 15:00 CHI N
40 1 FG FG Brown 47 YD 0:27 SEA N
39 2 PTD Smith 6 YD Pass from McNabb (Akers Kick) 10:02 PHI N
38 2 PTD Branch 5 YD Pass from Brady (Vinatieri Kick) 3:10 NEP Y
37 1 FG FG Janikowski 40 YD 10:44 OAK N
36 1 FG FG Wilkins 50 YD 3:15 STL N
35 1 PTD Stokley 38 YD Pass from Dilfer (Stover Kick) 6:27 BAL Y
34 1 FG FG Wilkins 27 YD 3:48 STL Y
33 1 FG FG Andersen 32 YD 9:35 ATL N
32 1 PTD Freeman 22 YD Pass from Favre (Longwell Kick) 11:32 GB N
31 1 PTD Rison 54 YD Pass from Favre (Jacke Kick) 11:54 GB Y
30 1 FG FG Boniol 42 YD 12:33 DAL Y
29 1 PTD Rice 44 YD Pass from Young (Brien Kick) 13:36 SF Y
28 1 FG FG Murray 41 YD 13:05 DAL Y
27 1 RTD T. Thomas 2 YD Run (Christie Kick) 10:20 BUF N
26 2 FG FG Lohmiller 34 YD 13:24 WAS Y
25 1 FG FG Bahr 28 YD 7:48 NYG Y
24 1 PTD Rice 20 YD Pass from Montana (Cofer Kick) 10:38 SF Y
23 1 FG FG Cofer 41 YD 3:43 SF Y
22 1 PTD Nattiel 56 YD Pass from Elway (Karlis Kick) 13:11   DEN N
21 1 FG FG Karlis 48 YD 10:56 DEN N
20 1 FG FG Franklin 36 YD 13:46 NEP N
19 1 FG FG Von Schamann 37 YD 8:02 MIA N
18 1 BPR Jensen 0 YD Blocked Punt Return TD (Bahr Kick) 10:08 RAI Y
17 1 PTD Cefalo 76 YD Pass from Woodley (Von Schamann Kick) 8:39 MIA N
16 1 RTD Montana 1 YD Run (Wersching Kick) 6:30 SF Y
15 1 PTD Branch 2 YD Pass from Plunkett (Bahr Kick) 9:28 OAK Y
14 1 FG FG Bahr 41 YD 8:04 PIT Y
13 1 PTD Stallworth 28 YD Pass from Bradshaw (Gerela Kick) 10:17 PIT Y
12 1 RTD Dorsett 3 YD Run (Herrera Kick) 4:53 DAL Y
11 2 FG FG Mann 24 YD 14:24 OAK Y
10 1 PTD D. Pearson 29 YD Pass from Staubach (Fritsch Kick) 10:32 DAL N
9 2 SFTY Safety White 0 YD 7:34 PIT Y
8 1 RTD Csonka 5 YD Run (Yepremian Kick) 10:10 MIA Y
7 1 PTD Twilley 28 YD Pass from Griese (Yepremian Kick) 0:30 MIA Y
6 1 FG FG Clark 9 YD 2:12 DAL Y
5 1 FG FG Clark 14 YD 5:57 DAL N
4 1 FG FG Stenerud 48 YD 7:22 KC Y
3 2 RTD Snell 4 YD Run (J. Turner Kick) 9:34 NYJ Y
2 1 FG FG Chandler 39 YD 10:14 GB Y
1 1 PTD McGee 37 YD Pass from Starr (Chandler Kick) 6:35 GB Y