Washington Redskins vs Green Bay Packers odds

Aaron Rodgers vs himself

There is no quarterback more individually gifted than Aaron Rodgers, perhaps in the history of the NFL. But he is still human and the human body has limitations. When healthy he is virtually unstoppable. But playing with an injury, of which we do not know the severity...he's still pretty amazing.

His season thus far, for which he's been healthy for 1 quarter, has resulted in 4 TDs, 0 INTs and a 111.3 QB rating. But both games were at Lambeau field.

This week he heads into Washington to play his third tough defense in a row. And Aaron Rodgers has a career record of 98-52-1 but his road record is 38-37 with a QB rating of 98.7 - nearly 11 points lower than his QB rating at Lambeau Field.

Conclusion: Don't bet against Aaron Rodgers at home and if you do bet against him on the road and you'd better pick your spots wisely.

Aaron Rodgers

And as one would expect Aaron Rodgers like the majority of QBs takes more sacks on the road but also runs for more yardage as defenses usually cover receivers better and rush the passer better in their own backyards.

So while Aaron Rodgers won't exactly be a sitting duck, with his physical limitations, he likely won't be able to get those key yards with his feet that make him the hardest QB to play against.

The QB on the other side of the field can and will be able to use his legs. Alex Smith is an underrated scrambler. Since his early career inability to live up to being the #1 overall selection in the 2005 NFL draft (the same draft where Aaron Rodgers was selected 24th) Alex Smith has carved out a niche as a solid, winning NFL quarterback. He may not get you to the promise land...but he can get you to the playoffs. 

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After the Stalemate

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    Since 2002, teams playing a road games after a tie are 0-10 SU/1-9 ATS

Are the Packers lucky not to be 0-2?

Lost in the miraculous Packers comeback on the opening Sunday Night of the NFL season, were the 3rd and 1 and 4th and 1, where the Bears didn't run the ball and clinch the game before Randall Cobb's game winning TD.

And on that drive a couple plays before that Cobb TD, a Packer receiver fell down the ball hit Bears cornerback Kyle Fuller right between his numbers and if he held on to the ball, that would have ended the game.

Last week, if the Vikings' rookie 5th round kicker didn't short circuit they would have lost that game as well, and be winless after 2 games.