Tennessee Titans vs Houston Texans odds

Is Week 2 too early for a do or die game?

Both the Houston Texans and Tennessee Titans lost on the road in week 1. And for either of these teams to go 0-2 in a division with the Jacksonville Jaguars feels like a deep hole to climb out of, even this early in the season.

The loser on Sunday will have a lot of pressure heaped upon them as both organizations came into 2018 with high expectations. Now anyone can be forgiven for losing to the Patriots in Foxboro, but can we let the Titans off the hook for their loss to the Miami Dolphins?


Before getting injured last season, Deshaun Watson got to play the Titans in Houston. The Final score, Texans 57, Titans 14.

In that game Watson accounted for 5 touchdowns.

The Titans won the rematch later on in the year when Tom Savage was the Texans quarterback but Houston was a shell of itself by that point.

This Sunday we get to see if the Titan's Defense has learned anything from the last time they played Watson. My guess is they will do better than giving up 57 points but I think there is a higher ceiling for the Texans this season that the Titans just don't have.

Deshaun Watson

With a new head coach, former NFL lineback Mike Vrabel and new offensive coordinator Matt Lafleur, it might be asking too much for them to hit the ground running as they implement their programs. And losing by a touchdown on the road to the Patriots and Dolphins are very different things.

Furthermore starting quarterback Marcus Mariota will not be playing at 100% as he is dealing with an elbow injury and their most importantly weapon in the passing game, Delanie Walker, was just lost for the season. It will be a daunting task for this coaching staff to figure out a way to reinvent the scheme in just one week.

And if we are talking about potential, in 3 NFL seasons, Marcus Mariota has never looked like the quarterback of a high powered offense. Last season he threw more interceptions than touchdowns, and yet the Titans somehow made the playoffs with a negative point differential.

Simply put, the Titans can't win high scoring games. They were 1-6 last season in games where their opponents scored 23 or more points.

In Deshaun Watson's 7 career starts the Texans average 32.5 points. 

So if Deshaun Watson and Marcus Mariota are who we think they are, we're taking the Texans -2 here everytime.

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Bill O'Brien in back to back road games

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    Texans coach Bill O'Brien is 4-2 ATS in the second of back to back road games

Is starting 0-2 a death sentence?

Since 2007, 92 teams have started 0-2. Only 10 have made the playoffs.

So that gives added importance and pressure to Sunday's matchup, being that it's a division game as well.

Last season the New Orleans Saints started 0-2 and went on to win their division, but neither of their first 2 losses was to a division opponent.