New England Patriots @ Los Angeles Rams

Will Brady and Belichek get ring number 6?

The Superbowl is upon us, and we can talk at great length about the Patriots Dynasty and the new incumbent in the Los Angeles Rams and Sean Mcvay.

We can go off on a tangeant about how the refs helped both these teams in their plight to reach the NFL's largest stage.

And though it will play a huge factor on February 3rd, the experience gulf between Tom Brady and Jared Goff is immense as Brady will be playing in his ninth Superbowl while Goff will be playing in his first.

But this game will be won and lost at the line of scrimmage.

Will the New England Patriots offensive line, who haven't given up a sack yet this post season be able to contain Aaron Donald and Ndamukong Suh, or will they wreck the game?

If they can keep the reigning defensive MVP at bay and if Brady can get rid of the ball fast enough with success then the Pats stand a great chance to win this game. But the Rams run defense looks to be playing at it's highest level all season. And if they can force the Pats into becoming one dimensional on offense then the pass rush will have every chance to win this.

Similarly on the other side of the ball how will the Pats man defense scheme match up with the Rams 3 wide scheme?

Here is the game the Rams play; they line up 3 wide receivers, 1 tight end and 1 running back almost the entire game. If you play Nickel, then they run the ball. If you play base, then they know they can get a wide receiver or running back one on one with a linebacker in space, and while the Patriots were able to take away Tyreke Hill and Travis Kelce for the most part in the AFC Championship, running back Damien Williams found himself the beneficiary catching 2 touchdown passes and was wide open for another one but was missed by Mahomes.

The Mcvay offensive scheme is both simple, yet complex and brilliant and I lean towards the young guru's ability to win the chess match against the master on February 3rd.

The highest Superbowl total ever

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    Over is 7-1 in Patriots last 8 playoff games (2-0 this postseason)

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By all accounts James White will find himself matched one on one with a linebacker in coverage. In the NFC Championship game Brees and Kamara were able to exploit this mismatch to the tune of 11 receptions. 


After the clutch display of Rams kicker Greg Zuerlein last week kicking a 48 yarder to tie it and a 57 yarder to win it, Mcvay will trot him out there with full confidence.  And during the Patriots 20 year run of success, I really can't remember whomever their kicker was, missing when it mattered most. In what appears to be a close contest, someone will be attempting a long field goal at some point. In a dome, odds are they drill it.

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