Indianapolis Colts vs Seattle Seahawks Odds

Colts vs Seahawks Game Preview

This matchup held plenty of promise a few seasons back but now, it's a game between two rebuilding franchises. The Seahawks are officially moving from the "Legion of Boom" and the Colts are still without franchise quarterback Andrew Luck.

It's unclear what direction either team will take but one thing is for certain: neither team will be making a run in the playoffs if they even get there. This is all but academic at this point.

Indianapolis Colts

It could be another long season for the Colts. Luck is reportedly ready to start and is throwing footballs again but even if he plays a full season, it's not likely the team makes the playoffs. They could just bite the bullet and write this season off.

Rushing Luck back could be detrimental to his health. The team can keep building on their offence as they are still deficient when it comes to their running game and defence, particularly their front-seven. Expect double-digit losses for a second straight season.

Seattle Seahawks

The infamous Legion of Boom, Seattle's All-Pro secondary, has officially been disbanded. Richard Sherman (CB) is now with the rival 49ers, Kam Chancellor (S) is hinting at retirement, and rumours persist that Earl Thomas (S) will be dealt, most likely to the Cowboys.

There's a great possibility that for the first time in the Russell Wilson era, the Seahawks will have a losing record. But there's still enough talent here for an outside shot at a wild card spot.

Game Snippet 

Treat this game as a snapshot of the future of these two teams. The Seahawks drafted new additions across the board while the Colts focused on fortifying their defence. It will get messy and one that the Colts could eke out.

Colts vs Seahawks Betting Tips

  • 1

    Colts are 3-2 S/U in their last five vs the Seahawks

  • 2

    Seahawks are 2-3 ATS in their last five vs the Colts

  • 3

    Colts have eight turnovers in their last five vs the Seahawks

  • 4

    Seahawks are +58.7 in rushing yards average in their last three vs the Colts

  • 5

    The team totals went OVER in 4 of the last 5 games when the Colts faced the Seahawks

Colts vs Seahawks Head-to-Head Records

In total, these two franchises have met 12 times starting in 1977. At the time, the Colts were in Baltimore and Seattle was just two years into the NFL. Baltimore won their only two meetings with Seattle. Their next game won't be until 13 years later in 1991.

Counting just the games with Indianapolis, the teams are tied at five games apiece. They have almost alternated wins and losses though the Colts have won three of their last five meetings. Seattle won their most recent game, a 46-18 shellacking at the CenturyLink Field. 

Both franchises have usually featured a Pro Bowl-calibre quarterback. The Seahawks had Matt Hasselbeck and now have Wilson. The Colts went from all-time great Peyton Manning to the uber-talented Luck. The difference now lies in coaching. The Seahawks have a pronounced advantage here.

Pete Carroll will ensure the Seahawks remain competitive regardless of who they have. The Colts are season-one in the Frank Reich era after cutting ties with Chuck Pagano. It's unclear how the rookie head coach will do but if Luck is a shell of himself, his time in Indianapolis will be brief and brutal.

Indianapolis Colts Recent History

The Colts are currently going through their longest playoff drought in almost 25 years when Jim Harbaugh was their quarterback and Marshall Faulk was a rookie. The franchise has been blessed with great quarterbacks like Peyton Manning, who led the franchise to nine straight playoffs and their only Super Bowl title in 2006. 

After Manning's exodus in 2012, the Colts drafted Luck and immediately had three consecutive 11-5 seasons going as far as the conference championship in 2014. Since then, it has been a slow decline and the team finished with their worst record since 2011.

If Luck's health continues to deteriorate, the Colts may need to look for another quarterback. They are slowly fixing every other position on the team but the franchise's bread-and-butter has always been having a great signal caller. In today's NFL, they should hope Luck is still exceptional or it's a few more years toiling in the division's basement.

Seattle Seahawks Recent History

Since the turn of the century, the Seahawks have entrusted themselves in the hands of capable coaches with the exception of Jim Mora. Mike Holmgren took the fledgeling team and led them to their first Super Bowl on top of five consecutive postseason appearances and four division titles.

After a brief period of losing, the Seahawks hired Carroll, which resulted in some of the most memorable seasons. In his first season, they upset the defending champion New Orleans Saints in the playoffs despite a 7-9 record. Three seasons later, they would win their first Super Bowl and come within one play of winning a second consecutive one.

Departures to the Seahawks' budding dynasty led to the team quickly dissolving. They still made the playoffs in two of the last three seasons but it's clear the Seahawks will need to rebuild. So long as Wilson is their QB and Carroll is their coach, it shouldn't take too long for them to be relevant again.

Indianapolis Colts Outlook

It all comes down to two things: 1) how Luck recovers from his injury; and 2) how long the Colts can keep him from breaking down. At only 28, Luck has taken so much beating that his body is probably closer to a 38-year-old. It's what happens when the Colts neglected to give him proper protection. 

Now, the Colts have finally started shoring up the offensive line. Better late than never. But there are still plenty of holes to fill particularly on defence. The Colts lost key pieces up front and now have an unimpressive front-seven that won't be threatening quarterbacks or running backs.

The running game is also an area of concern. Marlon Mack had a disappointing 2017 and like Luck, is already battling injuries. It doesn't look good for the Colts now and if they can't keep their team healthy, it'll look even worse in the near future.

Seattle Seahawks Outlook

How the mighty have fallen. With the exception of quarterback and the linebackers, the Seahawks need patching up in every position. Their weakest is their running game. It's not a coincidence the Seahawks' demise began when running back Marshawn Lynch quit on the team. 

Add to this their shoddy offensive line and it's no wonder Wilson is running for his life every game and setting career-highs in passing stats. And that's just on offence. The end of the Legion of Boom means Seattle needs to rebuild the secondary. The defensive line too.

There are too many things to list for Seattle to build on. But they are not so dire that a strong draft, which they didn't have in 2018, cannot fix. Seattle could be bad but not for too long provided they make the right moves.

Game Breakdown

The Seahawks starters are slightly better than the Colts' but when we're talking about depth, the Colts might actually be better especially on defence. The Colts drafted wisely and used their main picks to fix their biggest issues outside their linebackers.

Indianapolis will have a better unit overall. They'll also be starting Jacoby Brissett, who is an upgrade over whoever Seattle throws out. Most likely Austin Davis as Alex McGough, this year's seventh-round pick doesn't look ready.

Most significantly, Seattle's makeshift lines on both offence and defence will be too costly. Davis will have little protection and hardly has run support and he's not as versatile as Brissett. The Colts aren't much better on the run but have a better line even if not by much.

The Colts should edge the Seahawks. It may come down to whose quarterback can come up with plays to push the team and that would likely be Brissett.