Remember that TV game show Bowling For Dollars? Well, we are here to say that old classic pales in comparison to the thrilling US College Football Bowl Season. Going strong and growing, the first NCAA football playoff match was the 1902 Tournament East-West game, which morphed into the modern day Rose Bowl. Played almost daily, during the last half of December, Bowl Season leads to the Final Four Playoffs and National Championship Game in January.

NCAA Football Bowl Predictions

Although the number of contests drops, compared to the NCAAF regular season when upwards of seventy contests are played each week, there are new twists and turns when it comes to betting on the College Football Bowl Season matches. While a solid standard research path still needs to be followed, bettors also need to be concerned with scenarios like games being played at neutral sites, lame duck coaching staffs, plus unfamiliar way out of conference matchups. Some teams may just go through the motions - being as a bigger fish they were hoping to fry has already slipped away.

Of the new research twists, game location can be one of the biggest. That is due to a normally focused team, that plays tough in their home State like land-locked Ohio for instance, may take things slightly less serious at Thomas Robinson Stadium which is a stones throw from the beautiful beaches in Nassau, Bahamas. Also, a squad that played their hearts out trying to make the playoffs, but came away empty during Conference Final Weekend, may be somewhat deflated playing in a "lessor" Bowl battle. Research remains as the most important key to making successful predictions.

College Football Bowls Betting Tips and Picks

To help out, Canada Sports Betting - plus our recommended sportsbooks, cover the US College Football Bowl Season with match previews, up to date odds and handcrafted betting advice. As was the case during the NCAAF regular season, the CSB handicapping Crew will offer expert matchup insights and picks throughout the Bowl schedule. Watch this space for updates as outlined below.

NCAAF 2017-18 Bowl Game Picks and Results

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