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      One of the NBA’s most beloved franchises, the Portland Trail Blazers were founded in 1970 just as they were. From 1977 to 1995 the team sold out 814 consecutive home games, the longest streak in any major North American professional sports league at its time. They have a rich history with an NBA title from three NBA Finals appearances along with five division titles and consistent playoff appearances. The Blazer faithful don’t need much reason to cheer for or bet their team and gamblers will find plenty of value in the Blazers.

      The Portland Trail Blazers championship odds are looking as hot as ever, with Damien Lillard and the rest of the Portland roster turning up at the moment. There’s still a long way to go, but keep checking back to see how things adjust.

      Portland Trail Blazers' Standings

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      Bet On Portland Trail Blazers' Games

      You can bet on the Blazers in many ways but the money line is one you’ll need to learn. You will notice two types of numbers: minus and plus number indicating favourite and underdog, respectively. -160 means you need to wager $160 to win $100 while +130 means you win $130 when you bet $100. Alternatively, you can divide your wager by the minus or multiply it by the plus (factor of 100) to see your potential winnings.

      Among many popular betting lines, the Portland Trail Blazers odds to win the championship are some of the most frequently bet on. Portland fans are always hoping that their team can bring the title home for the first time since 1977. Check out the Portland Trail Blazers playoff odds too, as these are a more realistic market. 

      Blazermania: the Blazers were the talk of the sports world at the peak of their popularity. In the 1976-1977 season, the Blazers went from a losing team to NBA Champions thanks to an incredible run led by Hall of Famer, Bill Walton. Between that season and 2003, the Blazers made the NBA playoffs except for the 1981-1982 season were they lost a tiebreaker. As a franchise, the Blazers made the playoffs 34 out of their 46 years as of 2020.

      Draft experts: a big key to the continued success of the franchise has been the Blazers’ ability to draft star players. With the exception of drafting a few busts like Greg Oden and Sam Bowie (mostly due to injury), the Blazers have selected at least four players who have won Rookie of the Year, over a dozen who have been selected to at least one NBA All-Star Game and at least seven who have made an All-NBA Team.

      Going over: another way to bet on the Blazers is by betting the team totals or over/unders. As opposed to picking either team to win, you can try to predict whether the Blazers and their opponent can score over or under the projected game total. Since 2012, Blazers’ games have gone over slightly more at 53.3 percent. As an underdog, their games go over 56.2 percent of the time as opposed to being a favourite at only 49.2 percent.