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      One of the NBA’s most storied franchises, the Detroit Pistons were founded in 1941 as the Fort Wayne (Zollner) Pistons before relocating in 1957 to become the present incarnation. The franchise has a total of three NBA championships, seven conference titles and nine division titles. A brunt of their success came from the strong defensive-minded teams of the 19eighties and 2000s known in pop culture as the “Bad Boys”. In recent years, they have struggled as a rebuilding franchise but they hold plenty of upside as underdog bets.

      Detroit Pistons' Standings

      The Pistons’ season record is below along with the rest of the league. Conference and division standings are listed. “GB” indicates games behind the first place.


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      Bet on the Detroit Pistons from your favourite sportsbook by checking out the money line. Here, you will pick the winner of a game and your profit is dependent on their odds. These manifest as a minus number (favourite) or a plus number (underdog). Favourites like -160 indicate you need to bet $160 to win $100 and underdogs like +135 means you win $135 when you bet $100. Favourites profit less than underdogs but are a likelier winner.

      Bad Boys I & II: the two best Piston eras came in the 19eighties when they won back-to-back titles in three consecutive NBA Finals. These “Bad Boys” were notorious for their rough play and relentless defence even managing to beat Michael Jordan’s Bulls for three consecutive playoffs. The next incarnation of the Bad Boys came in the 2000s where the underdog Pistons upset the super star-studded Los Angeles Lakers to capture their third NBA title.

      Long droughts: outside of their two championship eras, the Pistons haven’t had much success. Between 1956 to 1983 they had just three winning seasons and overall had a 41.7 winning percentage. They made a few playoffs and won two series thanks to the format at that time. Then in more modern times, the Pistons finished in the bottom two of the division and bottom five of the conference between 2009 to 2015. The mid-nineties were not a fruitful era either and the Pistons barely managed four winning seasons between 1992 and 2000.

      Worst to first: the Pistons have went from worst to first in the division before. In the 2000-2001 season, they improved by 18 wins and captured their first division title in 11 years. The Pistons today don’t have the same foundation but the unpredictable state of the Central Division gives them an outside shot to capture the division. Placing a small wager on the Pistons to win the division under NBA Futures is a shot at their potential.