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      Below is information about the Indiana Pacers’ next game along with betting lines, game time and location. Use this widget with the schedule and standings below before betting.

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      The Indiana Pacers were established in 1967 under the ABA and joined the NBA in 1976. The team has a conference title but is notable as one of the best franchises to not win an NBA championship. During their peak in the 19nineties and early 2000s, the Pacers had heated rivalries with many teams like Chicago Bulls, New York Knicks and Detroit Pistons. On top of being perennial NBA playoff contenders, they have won six NBA division titles. A sound franchise like the Pacers makes for a decent affordable bet in sportsbooks.

      Indiana Pacers' Standings

      You can track the Pacers’ standings here. Division and conference standings are both here along with a team’s last ten games. Bookmark this page and keep this table handy.


      Bet On Indiana Pacers' Games

      There are plenty of ways to bet on the Indiana Pacers but mastering the money line is the way to go. In this system, you pick whether the Pacers (or their opponent) win the game. Two types of numbers indicate the NBA odds on both teams: a minus number (favourite) and plus number (underdog). A minus number like -190 means a wager of $190 will win $100 while a plus number like +170 means $170 will be won when wagering $100. Whatever wager you choose to bet on, the Indiana Pacers odds are always worth a look!

      Riches to rags to riches: the Pacers haven’t realized their full NBA potential but in the nine years they spent in the ABA, they were a dynasty. The Pacers won three ABA titles and made five ABA Finals. Coming to the NBA, they struggled for their first 17 years only having two winning seasons and not advancing beyond the first round. But in the 19nineties, the Pacers became one of the NBA’s best teams making four Conference Finals and an NBA Finals in a losing effort.

      The unpopular kids: the Pacers of the 19nineties were an elite NBA team but they also made a lot of enemies especially in the Eastern Conference. During this period, the Pacers had noted rivalries like against the Chicago Bulls where they became one of only two teams to push them to seven games. The other team, the New York Knicks were also a heated rival. The two-faced each other five times in the playoffs with the Pacers winning three times.

      Pacers totals: you can try betting the team totals or over/unders if you don’t feel like playing the money line. In this type of bet, you simply predict if the total score between the Pacers and their opponent goes over or under the projected total i.e. 198.5. The results of the game are irrelevant as is the margin of victory. Since 2012, Pacers’ games lean slightly on the “under” at 52.5 percent.