Denver Nuggets' Odds

This is what’s next for the Denver Nuggets. The game time, location and betting odds from the best sportsbooks are provided. Bookmark the page and check back to get updated.

Monday, Apr 12 22:00 EDT
Denver Nuggets
Golden State Warriors

The Denver Nuggets were founded in 1967 as the Denver Larks but changed their name to the Rockets before their first season. They became the Nuggets in 1974 and joined the NBA in 1976. They have seven division titles and have made long stretches of playoff appearances during the 19eighties and 2000s but are one of a few NBA teams that have yet to play in the NBA Finals. In recent years, the team has undergone a rough rebuilding process and fans grow weary. Patient gamblers will, however, look for them as a value play. 

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Denver Nuggets' Standings

Here are the updated NBA standings for the Nuggets and the rest of the league. Conference and division are indicated. “L10” stands for the team’s last ten games’ record.


Bet On Denver Nuggets' Games

If you want a piece of the Nuggets in action check with your local sportsbook and play the money line. This is where you make a straight bet on a team to win the game. Their prices manifest as either negative or positive numbers to indicate a favourite and underdog, respectively. A -150 favourite means if you bet $150 you win $100 while a +130 underdog means you win $130 on a $100 bet. Confirm with your book before betting.

The odds of Denver Nuggets winning the NBA championship are hot in recent years, as players like Nikola Jokic and Jamal Murray give them the tools to make a run for the title. Denver Nuggets betting odds offer a range of popular lines, as well as team and player props. Another popular market, brought about by the Nuggets' success in the Western Conference, is Denver Nuggets vs Lakers odds as the Colorado team emerges as one of the strongest in the West.

Mile-High Home: playing in the elevated city of Denver, the Nuggets enjoy a unique home-court advantage over their opponents. The high altitude makes it more difficult to breathe and unaccustomed players may struggle against the Nuggets. Since 2013, the Nuggets have a 48 percent winning rate at home versus a 32.5 percent road winning rate although their home performance has been declining due to their lottery team status.

One-and-done: the Nuggets have made consecutive playoff runs but have constantly fallen short early. Between 2003 to 2013, the Nuggets made ten consecutive NBA playoff appearances but bowed out of the first round every year except 2009 where they made only their third Conference Finals appearance. Included in those disappointing first-round losses were them being upset in 2010 and 2013 as the higher seed.

Spread the Nuggets: if the Nuggets don’t hold much value on the money line, try playing them on the point spread. This system aims to balance the underdog with the favourite by allotting points for either team to cover. A minus spread like -3.5 means the team is favoured to win by over four points and a plus spread like +2.5 means the team is allowed a loss by up to two points. If you take the team’s final score and subtract the minus or add the plus, it should still amount to a winning score. That’s the concept.