The Los Angeles Clippers were founded in 1970 as the Buffalo Braves before a brief stint in San Diego as the Clippers and finally relocating to Los Angeles in 1984. Throughout the franchise’s forty-plus year history, they have been associated as a perennial loser having only won two division titles and limited playoff appearances especially in comparison to their sister team, the Los Angeles Lakers. As of late however, the franchise has turned the corner and gamblers will find the Clippers a more reliable bet than teams of past.

LA Clippers Next Game

This is what is next for the Los Angeles Clippers along with the betting lines from the best sportsbooks. Confirm NBA odds with your favorite betting site before placing a wager.

Thursday, Nov 14 20:00 EST
L.A. Clippers
New Orleans Pelicans

This is this season’s schedule for the Los Angeles Clippers. We update the games and leave the odds for reference. Notice the trends from their home and road games.

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LA Clippers Scores And Standings

Here is a look on how the Clippers rank with the rest of the league. The standings are divided by conference and division. “GB” stands for number of games behind first place. 

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Bet On LA Clippers Games

The Clippers are a fun team to bet on and you can do it from the money line, where you outright pick a winner. You will notice two types of numbers: a minus number (favorite) and plus number (underdog). The minus shows how much you need to spend to win $100 and plus shows how much you win when you bet $100. For example, -180 means you need to bet $180 to win $100 and +160 means you win $160 on a $100 wager.

History of futility: for the majority of their existence, the Clippers have been a worst case scenario for a professional sports franchise. The Clippers have only qualified for the postseason a dozen times and only been out of the first round five times. They also only have twelve winning seasons and took forty years to record a 50-win season. The 30 years the franchise faced in between winning a playoff series is the longest in league history.

New Clippers: since the 2011-2012 season, the Clippers have risen out of the bottom and have become more than a respectable franchise. Between 2012 to 2016, they recorded 50-win seasons and won their first division titles. Backed by a core of prolific stars, wily veterans and a coach with championship credentials, the Clippers will look to continue being a major player in the NBA in the near future.

Clippers totals: if betting the winner doesn’t sound too appealing, you can try playing the team totals or the over/unders. For this type of bet, you predict if the total score between the Clippers and their opponent goes over or under the provided number: i.e. 210.5. It doesn’t matter who wins or loses the game or how many points either team wins by provided the total score goes in accordance to your bet.