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Betting odds to win the NBA Championship have never been easier to access and are available year-round thanks to top ranked online sportsbook. Shortly after each NBA Finals Champion is crowned, bookmakers post lines on the following season and those prices are available LIVE 365 days per year. We love hoops wagering action!

Various levels of "people in charge" protest betting being tied to their sports. We would have bought that, back when the Mob were running books, but that is simply not the case any longer. That is primarily due to exciting advancements that are being made in the online sports betting industry. Now they all say it (but don't mean it) as North American Pro, College and Amateur sports receive global publicity since odds for their games are posted every day. Our 2019 NBA Finals futures board receives weekly updates once regular season contests begin.

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NBA Championship Futures Price Week 22 Update: 4:00 PM ET on March 14, 2019.

2018-19 Week 23 Bet365 NBA Finals Odds Refresh: 4:00 PM ET on March 20, 2019.

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NBA Hot and Not: 2018-19 Championship Finals Week 23 Price Update

Hoop it up everyone, as it is a fantastic time to be a fan of betting on basketball. In addition to March Madness being underway, the National Basketball Association playoff picture is starting to round into shape. Five teams have now clinched a postseason berth while another eight have been officially eliminated. With most teams having ten or less games left on their regular season slate - the current top eight squads in both conferences appear headed to the NBA Finals playoffs that begin with quarterfinal action on April 13, 2019.

“Utah, Toronto and Philadelphia have the “easiest” remaining strength of schedule”

Not giving an inch, Milwaukee and Toronto continue to battle for the NBA regular season crown, as the Bucks have a two game lead on the Raptors. Both squads appear to be feeling the affects of the long season as Milwaukee is 5-5 and Toronto is 6-4 over their last ten contests. Odds from the bookmakers at Bet365 reflect how close the Raptors and Bucks are as they have an identical +900 money line to claim the Larry O’Brien trophy. Those odds are still well below the tiny (-220) price that Golden State is tagged with.

“NBA Playoff Prep: Register a private betting account at top online sportsbooks”

Playing at the same middling level as the Eastern Conference leaders, the Warriors and Denver are longshots to claim first overall as they are running out of games and sit 4 and 4.5 games back respectively. Running hot, Philadelphia has moved into fifth overall as they have a two game lead on Houston. The Rockets (+1100) and 76ers (+1200) are close on the NBA Championship futures betting board at Bet365. Boston (+1600) is the sixth favorite and we don’t recommend spending hard earned cash on any team below the Celtics.

Week 23 Observation: With a fabulous “Big Five” Philadelphia is a strong NBA title longshot bet.

Bet365 Sportsbook Week 23 NBA Championship Odds 20/03/19 @ 4:00 PM ET

Shaded Green: Teams currently hold one of eight conference playoff positions.

Eastern Conference NBA Odds Western Conference NBA Odds
ATL Hawks (24-48) OTB DAL Mavericks (28-42) OTB
BKN Nets (37-36) +12500 DEN Nuggets (47-22 +2000
BOS Celtics (43-28) +1600 GS Warriors (48-22) -220
CHA Hornets (33-38) +15000 HOU Rockets (45-26) +1100
CHI Bulls (20-52) OTB LA Clippers (42-30) +8000
CLE Cavaliers (18-53) OTB LA Lakers (31-40) +449K
DET Pistons (36-34) +10000 MEM Grizzlies (28-42) OTB
IND Pacers (44-28) +10000 MIN Timberwolves (32-39) +449K
MIA Heat (34-36) +12500 NO Pelicans (31-42) OTB
MIL Bucks (53-18) +900 OKC Thunder (42-29) +4000
NY Knicks (14-57) OTB  PHO Suns (17-55) OTB
ORL Magic (33-38) +20000 POR Trail Blazers (43-27) +6000
PHI 76ers (46-25) +1200 SA Spurs (42-29) +4500
TOR Raptors (50-21) +900 SAC Kings (34-36) +100K
WAS Wizards (30-41) +40000 UTA Jazz (41-29) +6000

2018-19 NBA Finals Futures Movement

Eastern Conference 2019 Championship: Week 23 Odds Update

Mirror images of each other, when looking at the expanded NBA standings, there isn’t a lot separating Toronto and Milwaukee in the Eastern Conference fight for first. Both teams have near identical Home, Road and Division records with ten games remaining. The Bucks (35-10) have been slightly better than the Raptors (30-14) in conference games. Toronto has a shot at catching Milwaukee as the Raptors slate ends with contests against teams with a combined .416 win percentage while the Bucks will face squads with .488 WP.

“Milwaukee as an 89% chance at finishing first in the Eastern Conference”

Firing off some warning shots, Philadelphia has won six straight and they are red-hot with super-center Joel Embiid back in the mix. The 76ers won’t catch Milwaukee or Toronto, sitting six games back, but the 76ers knocked off the East contending Pacers, Bucks and Celtics during their winning run. Separated by one game, Indiana and Boston are fighting for the fourth seed and they will most likely face each other in the opening round of the playoffs. Based on the remaining games – here are the projected first round matchups.

“Bucks vs Heat – Raptors vs Nets – 76ers vs Pistons – Celtic vs Pacers”

High priced longshots, Detroit, Brooklyn and Miami round out the current top eight. The Pistons and Nets are separated by just a half game and both appear NBA playoff bound. The Heat are in a fierce battle with Orlando for top spot in the Southeast Division as those two squads are separated by just 1.5 games. Charlotte has fallen 3.5 games off the pace in the race for the final East playoff berth. We can’t see any of those teams winning a first round playoff series and suggest avoiding their lofty, though tempting, East title lines.

East Observation Week 23: A +285 best buy at Bodog – the 76ers price is shrinking.

Eastern Conference Week 22 Futures Update: 4:00 AM ET on March 14, 2019.

Week 23 Eastern Conference Final Odds Refresh: 4:00 PM ET on March 20, 2019.

Best Buy Price: Teams are listed by 2018-19 NBA East Week 23 Top Win Percentages.

NBA Playoffs Eliminated: Atlanta, Chicago, Cleveland and New York.

Eastern Conference Week 23
MIL Bucks (53-18) +200 to N/C +190 to N/C
+200 to +210
+200 to N/C
TOR Raptors (50-21) +190 to +200 +190 to +195 +200 to +210
+175 to N/C
PHI 76ers (46-25) +400 to +275 +375 to +285
+375 to +275
+275 to N/C
IND Pacers (44-28) +2800 to +3300 +2800 to +3300
+2800 to +3300
+3300 to N/C
BOS Celtics (43-28) +450 to +425 +450 to +400  +450 to +425
+350 to +300
DET Pistons (36-34) +4000 to +6000 +4500 to +6000
+4500 to +6000 +6600 to +5000
BKN Nets (37-36) +4000 to +6000 +4000 to +8000
+4000 to +6000
+8000 to N/C
MIA Heat (34-36) +4500 to +6600 +7000 to N/C
+7000 to +6600
+6600 to +8000
CHA Hornets (31-39) +8000 to +10K +8000 to +10K +8000 to +10K +10K to N/C
ORL Magic (33-38) +8000 to N/C
+8000 to N/C +8000 to N/C
+10K to +15K
WAS Wizards (30-41) +9000 to +15K +10K to +15K
+9000 to +15K
+15K to N/C

Eastern Conference 2018-19 Futures Line Moves

Western Conference 2019 Championship: Week 23 Odds Update

Similar to the East race, Golden State and Denver continue their ultra-close first place battle in the Western Conference. Both playing decent recently, the Warriors defeated Houston and Oklahoma City during a 3-1 run while the Nuggets topped Indiana and Boston during a 4-0 winning streak. The Warriors have 12 matches left on their slate and just four of them are against playoff contending teams. Facing a much tougher road, nine of the Nuggets last 13 matches are against teams currently holding a postseason position.

“Golden State has a 75% chance of earning home court advantage in the West”

Trailing the West leaders, by 4 and 4.5 games respectively, Houston and Portland remain separated by just a half game in the fight for third place. The Rockets are on a 12-2 winning run while the Trail Blazers have posted an 11-4 mark over their last fifteen contests.  Utah leads the bottom four West contenders as the Jazz have a half-game lead on the Spurs, Clippers and Thunder. Those four teams are close to clinching a playoff berth but where they finish overall won’t be decided until the season ends on April 10, 2019. 

“Eighth in the West, Oklahoma City would be two games out of fourth in the East”

Though not officially eliminated, the end is near for Sacramento, Minnesota and the LA Lakers, as they will not climb into a playoff position. Of those teams, LeBron James and the Lakers are the biggest disappointment as they have posted a dismal 3-14 recent record. While they certainly haven’t looked invincible lately, it remains difficult to look past Golden State as West champions. The Dubs are aiming at becoming the first team in modern NBA history (since 1971) to claim five straight conference championships.

West Observation Week 23: Laying $350 to win $100 makes Golden State a tough buy.

Western Championship Week 22 Futures Update: 4:00 PM ET on March 14, 2019.

Week 23 West Conference Final Odds Refresh: 4:00 PM ET on March 20, 2019.

Best Buy Price: Teams are listed by 2018-19 NBA West Week 23 Top Win Percentages.

NBA Playoffs Eliminated: New Orleans, Memphis, Dallas and Phoenix

Western Conference Week 23
GS Warriors (48-22) -333 to -400 -350 to N/C
-350 to N/C
-334 to -358
DEN Nuggets (47-22) +1100 to N/C
+1000 to N/C
+1100 to +1000
+1100 to N/C
HOU Rockets (45-26) +650 to +600 +650 to +550
+650 to +600
+700 to +600
POR Trail Blazers (43-27) +5000 to +3300
+5000 to +3300
+5000 to +3300
+4000 to N/C
SA Spurs (42-29) +3300 to +2000 +3300 to +2500
+3300 to +2000
+3300 to +2200
OKC Thunder (42-29) +1200 to +2000
+1100 to +1200
+1200 to +2000
+900 to +1400
UTA Jazz (41-29) +3300 to +2800 +3500 to +3200
+3500 to +2800
+3300 to +3000
LA Clippers (42-30) +7000 to +4000
+7000 to +6000
+7000 to +4000
+8000 to N/C
SAC Kings (34-36) +12.5K to +75K
+15K to +25K
+15K to +75K
+20K to +15K
MIN Timberwolves (32-39) +12.5K to +150K +25K to +50K
+25K to +250K
+15K to N/C
LA Lakers (31-40) +6000 to +150K
+5000 to +15K
+10K to +150K
+6600 to N/C

Western Conference 2018-19 Futures Line Moves

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European style football begins hibernate after the MLS Cup winner is crowned in early December. From there, the NCAAF National Championship plays out one week into January - prior to Super Bowl Sunday in early February. While the streams slows some after that, exciting Stanley Cup and NBA Finals races provide plenty of handicapping thrills until the Boys Of Summer return in late March. Offering simple sign-up, safe and convenient banking options, plus thousands of odds on sports of all sorts, CSB top rated sportsbooks are best bets for Canuck 'Cappers.

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