Pittsburgh Pirates' Odds

To see what kind of moneyline prices sportsbooks are offering on the Pittsburgh Pirates next game check below. It's a great starting point for any handicapper breaking down the day's baseball board.

Sunday, May 16 13:05 EDT
San Francisco Giants
Pittsburgh Pirates

After enduring a 20-year stretch from 1992 to 2012 without posting a single winning record, the Pittsburgh Pirates fortunes finally turned for the better in 2013 with a Wildcard berth and a trip to the NLDS. Pittsburgh went on to make the Wildcard game the next two years as well, and while MLB playoff success hasn't come quite yet, this organization has laid the groundwork for the team to continually be a winner in the coming years.

Understandably it took MLB bettors some time to finally come around on Pittsburgh Pirates odds once the winning started, but three successful years in a row shows that this team has been for real.

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Pittsburgh Pirates' Standings

After decades of losing, the Pittsburgh Pirates standings prospects have improved greatly in recent years. See where they sit in this year's standings below.


Bet On Pittsburgh Pirates' Games

Pirates fans were completely malnourished for a winner for so long that when the Pirates did make it to October baseball in 2013 the atmosphere in the city was electric. The team did their part in making sure it wasn't a “one-off” season with return trips to the Wild Card game the following two seasons, but the goals are much bigger in Pittsburgh these days. With young stars like Andrew McCutchen, Gregory Polanco, and Starling Marte patrolling the outfield for the Pirates, this team is likely to be a contender for many seasons to come in the foreseeable future.

Although the 2015 season didn't finish as well as the Pirates would have preferred, Pittsburgh was the 3rd best moneyline wager in MLB during the regular season. Bettors backing the Pirates in every single one of their 162 games that year would have come out with over 21 units of profit by the end. The results weren't skewed to home or away games either with Pittsburgh being +14.15 units at home and +7.2 units on the road.

The problem(s) Pittsburgh currently has to deal with is the fact that they are in one of the deepest divisions these days with 18+ games against the Cardinals and Cubs. St Louis has been dominating the NL Central for years now, and the Cubs plethora of young talent has finally learned how to win. Those two rivals will remain the biggest obstacle in Pittsburgh's way for the next few years, but they also leave Pirates backers with plenty of strong wagering opportunities to back this talented team as underdogs against those more “popular” rivals.