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      Since the Phillies made back-to-back MLB World Series appearances in 2008 and 2009 (winning once), things have progressively gotten worse for this organization. The 2010 season ended with an NLCS defeat to the Giants, and the following year they were eliminated by the Cardinals in the NLDS. Entering the 2016 season, the Phillies haven’t been back to the MLB playoffs since and their win totals each year have been on the decline.

      This organization knew drastic changes to get younger and rebuild had to take place after the 2010 and 2011 seasons, and Philadelphia has toughed out the on-field struggles that typically come with that. Yet, with all the young talent they’ve stockpiled the past few years, it shouldn’t be too long before Philadelphia Phillies odds are one of the hotter bets to take in MLB again.

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      The recent low-point for this Phillies organization came in 2015 when they only won 63 games. That was their lowest win total in a full season as a franchise since the 1969 season. It was ugly in many regards, but considering how many young Triple-A ball players they gave MLB experience too during the course of the year, it was expected.

      Yet, by throwing all those young guys like OF Maikel Franco, P Jerad Eickhoff, OF Odubel Herrera, and P Aaron Nola into the fire right away and giving them MLB experience, there could be tremendous benefits down the road. When those benefits of going throw those tough growing pains arrive for this organization is still up for debate, but bettors should not be surprised to see this team in pennant races and as World Series contenders by the time the 2020's arrive.

      Until that happens, bettors have to be willing to do their homework on the Phillies, knowing that there will be plenty of games throughout the course of the year when the Phillies are underdogs of +175, +210, or even higher. Chances are they will lose more of those games when they win, but cashing in on a few of those heavy underdog prices is always a nice bankroll boost. Remember, this is a team that is starting the ascent to competitiveness again and picking your spots with the Phillies can lead to some tremendous rewards over the next few years.