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      Since the turn of the century, there has been quite a bit of pain for San Diego Padres fans. The organization only has two MLB playoff appearances on their resume during that time (2005, 2006), and both were quick exits in the NLDS. The team has only won 90 games once during that time and has posted 12 losing seasons. Those numbers aren’t attractive in the slightest to MLB bettors looking for wins each night.

      Thus, San Diego Padres’ odds are often ones that are passed over by many bettors each game. They are typically underdogs on the moneyline and while that is tempting at times, the Padres track record shows that getting wins by backing this organization is tough to come by.

      San Diego Padres' Standings

      The Padres' standings picture hasn't been pretty since the turn of the century. Look here for this year's current standings to see if the Padres have turned it around or playing to their reputation.


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      Playing in a notorious pitcher's ballpark, the Padres have tried ad nauseam to construct a pitching/defense-first team to breed success. Clearly the results haven't been there with that method as scoring runs has constantly been a sore spot for this organization.

      They don't have the money that a team like the Dodgers do to go out and buy top tier free agents, and any home-grown hitters they've developed into stars often leave town (Adrian Gonzalez) because of all the losing.

      That same narrative holds true for bettors backing the Padres of late too as it's been since 2013 that this team actually had a winning record vs the moneyline. Even those gains were negligible at +2.4 units for the year, although they did produce a solid profit at home that year with a 45-36 SU record and being +9.6 units. 2014 saw that the same pattern holds true with a +11.1 unit mark at home and a -20.1 unit record away from home.

      Things got even worse in 2015 as the Padres were a losing proposition no matter where they played. -11.4 units at home and -7.8 units on the road produced the 5th worse record vs the moneyline at -19.2 units for the season. The future isn't projected to be any brighter for this team either as they've got some sub-par talent locked in long-term big-money contracts (Matt Kemp) and continually deal with league powerhouses like the Giants and Dodgers.

      Until something drastically changes within the Padres organization, expect more misery for this team in the coming years.