New York Mets' Odds

      Below you will find the moneyline MLB odds for the New York Mets next game that are being offered by sportsbooks. Check back here after the game when the final score is posted to see if you wager was a winner.

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      The New York Mets surprised many in the baseball world in 2015 with a run to the World Series as it had been seven years since the team even posted a winning record. But all those losing seasons allowed New York to build and groom a dominant young pitching staff, and those starters, along with some shrewd trade deadline moves propelled this team over the top. New York wasn’t able to win the World Series against a determined KC team.

      But the 2015 season confirmed that this organization was on the right path and gave their fans plenty of optimism for the future. It’s a big reason why New York Mets odds are getting more and more respect from MLB bettors each day.

      New York Mets' Standings

      Figuring out where the Mets standings positioning sits throughout the year is another important betting tool to help you find strong betting opportunities. This year's standings can be found here.


      Bet On New York Mets' Games

      The Mets improved their win total by 11 wins from 2014 to 2015 as their 90-72 SU record in 2015 was enough to comfortably win the NL East division. It was a stellar season by all accounts, but oddsmakers were prepared for it as they had the Mets accurately priced for the majority of the season. 18 games over the .500 mark should produce significant profits if odds aren't that sharp, but bettors backing the Mets to win every single game in 2015 only came ahead 5.9 units thanks to oddsmakers being on the ball with their lines.

      Part of the reasoning behind that is the idea that New York teams will always have their moneyline odds a little inflated because of the overwhelming popularity of their teams. That makes it very tough to find value when backing the Mets because sportsbooks know that the Mets (and Yankees) will receive plenty of support more often than not. However, where the Mets could benefit their supporters much more in the years ahead is with wins on the road as they were just 41-40 SU for +1.05 units away from home in 2015.

      Looking ahead, New York will rely on their young starters like Matt Harvey, Jacob DeGrom and Noah Syndergaard to lead this team back to the promised land. 2015 gave those young pitchers plenty of experience to draw on going forward, and bettors have to realize that with inflated lines or not, the New York Mets will be a very good team in the next few years.