Los Angeles Dodgers' Odds

      You can see what kind of moneyline ranges the sportsbooks have put out for the Los Angeles Dodgers next game below. It’s a great starting point for bettors to break down the day’s MLB betting board.

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      Arguably one of the most popular teams in baseball, the LA Dodgers have no problem using their vast resources ($) to remain a highly competitive team in this league. Entering the 2016 season, they are on a run of three straight NL West division championships but have failed to make the World Series in those seasons. With the biggest payroll in the game, the Dodgers continue to try to buy their way to get to that next step.

      Given their popularity by playing in one baseball’s biggest markets, Los Angeles Dodgers odds are always going to be shaded a bit by oddsmakers, amongst all MLB odds. The sportsbooks know that the Dodgers will get plenty of support regardless of the situation/opponent and when the best pitcher of this generation, Clayton Kershaw, is starting, Dodgers’ moneylines are routinely in the -300 and above range.

      Los Angeles Dodgers' Standings

      Lately the Los Angeles Dodgers standings placement has been at the top, but sometimes “buying” wins can only take you so far. View this year's full standings below.


      Bet On Los Angeles Dodgers' Games

      Seasoned MLB bettors understand that Los Angeles Dodgers' odds will be inflated on a near-nightly basis, but during their three recent division championship seasons (2013-15), a clear betting pattern has shown up and it relates to those inflated odds.

      More often than not it's Dodgers home games that see the bigger spike in price and bettors always find themselves paying a premium to back the Dodgers at home. LA finished with a winning home record straight up in each of those years, but they only + units at home once during that span.

      Oddly enough, that year (2015) was also the only one of the three years that saw the Dodgers finish with a losing record for bettors vs the moneyline overall (-11.2 units). Those other two years the Dodgers really made money for bettors on the road. 2013 and 2014 saw the Dodgers finish + units overall for the season despite being down multiple units at home.

      The biggest lesson MLB bettors can take from those numbers is the idea that there is much more value in backing LA Dodgers odds on the moneyline when they are on the road. The prices aren't inflated as much (if at all), and the talent on the field remains the same. Yes, the home-field advantage does mean something, but with the Dodgers likely to be contenders for the next handful of seasons, backing them on the road at better prices more often than at home should be something that pads one's bankroll.