Milwaukee Brewers' Odds

      Below you will find the moneyline MLB odds for the Milwaukee Brewers next game. It lists the prices offered for the Brewers and their opponent, in case you are looking to fade Milwaukee like many bettors have done of late.

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      After the Milwaukee Brewers lost the 2011 NLCS 4-2 to the St Louis Cardinals, they made an organizational choice to get younger and begin a rebuilding process. They let slugging 1B Prince Fielder walked in free agency and turned the franchise over to All-Star OF Ryan Braun. Predictably, the winning seasons began to tail off, and with Braun receiving a lengthy suspension for PED use in 2013, the Brewers rebuilding plans took a notable step backwards.

      All of those rough years have made Milwaukee Brewers’ odds ones that bettors prefer to go against rather than play on. The Brewers rebuilding plans have really lacked a clear direction since the Braun suspension, and many wonder how long it will take for Milwaukee to put out a winning team again.

      Milwaukee Brewers' Standings

      It's likely going to be an uphill climb for the Milwaukee Brewers standings position to drastically improve the next few years. Check below for this year's standings to see if they've started to get on the right track.


      Bet On Milwaukee Brewers' Games

      The brief era from 2007-2011 was the best in Milwaukee's history for quite some time. They had Prince Fielder entering his prime seasons, and Ryan Braun stormed onto the scene with the Rookie of the Year award. Those two bats carried Milwaukee's lineup for the bulk of those seasons, but only two MLB playoff appearances and years below expectation plagued them. All of that disappointment prompted management to change things up and go the rebuilding route.

      To be fair, all the years post-2011 for the Brewers (as of the start of 2016) haven't been abysmal, but they haven't been great either. Twice in that span, they finished with a winning record (2012 & 2014), but the last time they posted a winning year for bettors vs the moneyline was that 2011 campaign. If bettors had backed Milwaukee to win every game they played from 2012 through 2015, their bankrolls would have not only taken a serious hit but would, in all likelihood, be gone altogether. The Brewers were a whopping -44.4 units!

      The betting prospects for this team going forward don't paint a much brighter picture, either. Ryan Braun is getting up there in years himself now, and much of the young talent the Brewers have tried to groom and bring to the majors have either not panned out or been moved on via trades or free agency. It's likely going to be some time before the betting market gets off the idea that betting against Milwaukee Brewers' odds will bring more profits than betting on them.