Oakland Athletics' Odds

To see the odds for the Oakland Athletics next game, check the chart below. It lists the moneyline prices offered by sportsbooks and will be updated with the final score after the game. In case you want to bet on other MLB games, we also have all the MLB Odds available. 

The Oakland Athletics became more well-known to a new generation of MLB bettors thanks to the Moneyball movie staring Brad Pitt that came out in 2011, but it accurately describes the financial challenges the A's have to overcome to put out a winning team year after year. As the movie depicts, Oakland has had some success in the 2000s with a roster full of cast-offs and an analytical approach, but that method has only gone so far for this organization.

With more and more MLB teams using analytics now, it appears to many that Oakland's advantage for years is gone now. Yet, bettors can still find plenty of value backing Oakland Athletics odds in the right spots through the course of a season. This is because the A's still value team play and wins over any individual numbers and that will always be a formula for finding significant wins during a season.

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Oakland Athletics' Standings

See what the Oakland Athletics standings position looks like this year by checking below. It's another important tool in a handicapper's toolbox.


Bet On Oakland Athletics' Games

With limited money to spend on players, Oakland enters every off-season in search of creative ways to make their team better. More often than not they've found ways to do that as they've reached the post-season eight times since 2000, but seven of those years ended with defeats in the ALDS. Eventually, top-tier talent takes over when the stakes are the highest and the A's have always been at a disadvantage in that regard since the early '90s.

That's not to say that bettors can't make money backing this team throughout the year. This is an organization that builds their team around strong starting pitching given the wide-open field they play on and without too many big-name sluggers in the A's lineup, oftentimes Oakland is undervalued. This wasn't the case in 2015 as Oakland was the 2nd worst team to back for bettors (-29.4 units), but the 2012 and 2013 seasons saw Oakland finish 1st and 4th respectively in units won for bettors with a total of 57 units of profit combined in those two seasons.

Numbers like that show you that this franchise can provide value when they are competitive because so many casual bettors discredit them because of the lack of headline-making talent. The A's are one of the least supported teams on a nightly basis in terms of the betting moneyline, but if you see them start to get hot and surprise teams, it's likely time to jump on board those juicy odds.