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      When the LA Angels called up Mike Trout in June of 2011, they instantly got a once-in-a-generation player that they hoped could help restore this organization to glory. Entering 2016, Trout already has a Rookie of the Year award, four All-Star appearances, four Silver Slugger awards and an AL MVP award in his trophy case. Yet, the Angels have yet to win a single MLB playoff game since his arrival in the major leagues as the team hasn’t been able to put too many talented complementary pieces around him.

      Baseball is a team game and even with a generational talent like Trout, Los Angeles Angels odds can be perplexing to bettors because if often comes down to what those eight other guys in L.A’s lineup do in terms of wins and losses.

      Los Angeles Angels' Standings

      The AL West has seen a bit of parity in recent years so finding out where the Angels' standings positioning is relative to their next opponent is a must. This year's standings are found below.


      Bet On Los Angeles Angels' Games

      There is no denying just how special of a player Mike Trout is, but it's impossible to argue with the fact that the Angels management team hasn't done enough to help him out on the field. L.A made a big splash when they brought in 1B Albert Pujols to be that second marquee player, but Pujols has really started to show his age in recent seasons and hasn't always been healthy.

      Aside from those two big names, the rest of L.A's roster has been constantly changing the past few years. 2014 was their only playoff appearance during the Trout era and it ended abruptly when Kansas City swept them in three games. Until the Angels either develop or sign another superstar to be that key third piece in the lineup, this team will hover around the .500 mark for years to come.

      Betting wise, the Angels have been around that .500 mark for the past few years, making picking your spots when backing the Angels of utmost importance. Recreational bettors tend to flock to the popular teams (Boston, New York) or big-name players like Trout, so there are ample opportunities to go against the Angels during the year as well.

      Finding those solid “play on” or “play against” spots with this team is something bettors do by tracking the Angels schedule and results. Knowing when to pounce on either side of the moneyline in L.A's games is only gained through tracking and experience.