William Hill Horse Racing Betting

Horse players are a rare breed of individuals with specific, yet simple needs. To that end, there are online racebooks that just provide a place to bet, and others that truly get it. William Hill provides a comprehensive racebook that seems to have been designed and suggested by the horse players. Here's a look at some of the features that make William Hill one of the top places to play the races online. 

William Hill Horse Racing Odds

Getting down to brass tacks, here's an obvious point: odds are fundamental to a horse player's existence because they dictate the payout and profit a bettor is due to receive. William Hill's 'Racebook starts padding a player's profit margin from the very first deposit with a 100% bonus match up on the first $100 deposited. Then there's odds on more futures and a greater selection of horse racing around the world than any other racebook we've reviewed.

William Hill Horse Racing Odds

Simply put, William Hill understands that horse players want options and variety. The more options a player has, the more selective the player can be. William Hill's expansive track menu provides more daily odds on more events. How enticing is that?

William Hill Live Horse Racing

What's better than watching all your action play out in real time? Not too many things come to mind, but there are plenty of online racebooks that simply don't offer this feature, or offer it for an additional charge. William Hill's racebook not only offers more tracks, it also allows players to watch nearly all their action live. Once again, William Hill sets itself apart as a racebook that understands its players' need for variety and expanded action. 

William Hill Horse Racing Live Streaming

William Hill Horse Racing Results

Waiting for a result to become official can feel like an eternity if you're sweating out a photo finish or just want to see what you're winning bet paid. At William Hill, there's no extra or unnecessary waiting involved. Results are often viewable within minutes of the race becoming official unlike the annoying lag time experience players are subjected to at other racebooks. For clear, concise and accurate results, William Hill players are always a few clicks away from a laptop or mobile device. 

William Hill Horse Betting Tips

Every horse bettor who has experimented with multiple online racebooks knows that the content found on some is purely amateurish. In a sport that is information and data-driven, players want news, free picks and racing coverage that is relevant to their betting lives. Again, William Hill passes the muster in this category on a level that few other racebooks in the industry can match. Staying abreast of the latest horse racing chatter is important when you bet your money, and that is exactly what Willaim Hill's racing content allows players to do.