GolfSince its inception in 1973, the Canadian’s Women’s Open has been the national championship for women playing pro golf in the country. Similar to the RBC Open, CP Women’s Open Golf betting lines reflect the competition drawn from all around the world due to its premiere status in the Golf Canada lineup. As a result, over the years, many of the best women in the world have travelled to Canada to win this open.

CP Women's Open Golf Betting Trends

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      Bet On CP Women's Open Golf

      Every LPGA tour has its own quirks and trends, which you should be aware of before you bet on CP Women’s Open golf tournaments. The following considerations should be made before you place money on this particular event.

      Course Rotation: Similar to other official open championships, the course that hosts the Canadian Women’s Open changes on an annual basis. For this event, player travel to top courses all over Canada, including challenging courses on the east coast and west coast of Canada. This forces golfers to adjust their approach to this tournament on a yearly basis. Six different provinces have welcomed the best women golfers over the past decade.

      Winning Golfers and Low Scores: For the last ten years, the Canadian Women’s Open has features winners who are double digits below par. Half of the winners won by two strokes or less, with only one playoff occurring since the Open was replaced as a major in 2000. Lydia Ko has earned this title three times since 2012, twice as an amateur, and only three American golfers have won the Open since 2006.