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Darts Betting Odds

Dive into Darts betting odds with a sport that is extremely popular in both the UK and the Netherlands. While the sport boasts competitors from around the world, these countries have boasted the most world champions over the years.

World darts betting has grown in popularity, as bettors from around the world have been drawn to the live betting and full range of betting markets available. Darts odds offer customers a range of betting options, ranging from futures to moneylines.

The sport has become so popular that many darts betting forums offer a range of great betting tips and predictions for upcoming tournaments. We’ll delve deep into the various tournaments and provide tips, how to bet on darts, as well as discuss some of the best betting sites around.

The odds for the outright winners of the main Darts tournaments are now available. The odds were last updated on June 16, 2022:

World Championship Outright Winners Odds 2022bet99powerplaysportsinteraction
Gerwyn Price5.005.005.25
Michael Van Gerwen5.505.505.75
Jonny Clayton7.007.007.00
Peter Wright10.0010.0010.00
Dimitri Van den Bergh14.0013.0013.00
dart champions

Darts Betting Sites

The popularity of the sport has meant that there is a range of excellent darts betting sites on offer to customers. We’ll take a look at some of the top sites available to customers today and highlight 5 of the very best to start you off on the right foot with darts gambling!

Sports Interaction (SIA)

SportsInteraction (SIA) Sport is one of the most recognizable names in Canadian online sports betting, offering a broad range of options for live darts betting. Customers can enjoy the full offerings of Sports Interaction, which include an excellent user interface, a broad range of betting options, and some of the most competitive odds available in North America.



A very young sportsbook, founded in 2018 PowerPlay has risen to the challenge time and time again. The company offers excellent odds on the major tournaments and associations, namely BDO darts (British Darts Organisation) betting and PDC (Professional Darts Corporation) darts betting. Be sure to check out what they have on offer if you’re thinking of joining the darts betting action.



Betway is renowned for its adaptable markets, offering its users excellent live-darts betting options, as well as a full range of betting unique betting opportunities. A real favourite among darts bettors is the mobile betting options available at Betway, which can be accessed throughout the tournaments.




888sport was founded in 2008 and has been one of the most popular sportsbooks among Canadian bettors, the range of betting markets, live darts betting options, and complete BDO darts betting coverage is one of the major pulls for users. They are well worth checking out before you begin your darts betting journey.


Meet the World Darts Champion

How to Bet on Darts

Betting on Darts is easy as can be, simply choose one of the betting markets you’d like to wager on, place your stake and sit back and wait for the results to come in. While winning isn’t always as simple as you’d hope, wagering on darts certainly is.

Darts Handicap Betting Explain

This type of market involves backing the match-winner, however, the difference is that with a plus or minus handicap you can see the number of sets or legs. What this means is that the favourite who is short odds in the outright winners’ odds market could be worth backing, if the handicap is set at -1 for example.

Each Way Bet Darts

Each-way betting in darts is generally based on half the odds positions 1-2, which means you’ll be a winner if your darts betting tips come in and makes the final. Much like when wagering on horse racing, each-way betting terms are relevant to the top positions.

BDO Darts Betting Outright

The British Darts Organisation (BDO) is the tournament for the pros, which means it draws in the largest number of bettors. The tournament features the very best players in the game and the outright futures markets are available throughout the year, starting from just after the previous years’ tournament comes to an end.

female dart champions odds

Darts Betting Tips

When it comes to Darts betting tips, it’s important to recognize that the sport is like any other in that it can swing and change as the season progresses. Darts predictions are often based on a variety of different factors, not just current performance.

Darts picks will take into account the form of a player, previous performance in tournaments, and specific matchups. Often certain pros act as a kind of nemesis for others, meaning they struggle to overcome them and regularly lose out.

This kind of knowledge is important when making darts betting predictions and is often detailed on websites darts betting previews, which we’d strongly advise checking out before wagering. Ultimately, do your homework and you’ll be in the best position to play. Remember to see what’s available and make the most of your darts betting tips for tonight!

Darts Odds for Main Competitions

Darts is a growing sport, with a number of competitions popping up throughout the year. We’ll cover the top 5 and give you a brief breakdown of what to expect!

World Championships

The PDC World Darts Championship is one of the premier tournaments in the sport, known through its major sponsorships and hosting the top talent in darts. It’s organized by the Professional Darts Corporation and is an annual tournament that took place at the Circus Tavern until 2008, but now takes place at Alexandra Palace in London. World Darts Championship betting odds are arguably the most popular on the calendar and draw in bettors from around the world.

Premier League

The Darts Premier League is a tournament organized by major sportsbook provider Unibet, which is also managed and organized by the PDC. The tournament has been going for almost 20 years and is extremely popular in the UK. Bettors can find a range of Premier League darts betting tips online. The increasing popularity of the tournament in England and across the world has led to many bookmakers and dedicated darts sites offering premier league darts betting tips.

vincent van der voort

UK Open

The Ladbrokes UK Open is a ranking major tournament held annually and organized by the PDC. It takes place at the Butlins Minehead Resort in England and is often referred to as the “FA Cup of darts”, in reference to England’s major football tournament the FA Cup, due to the abolition of seedings, elimination play, and fixtures determined via open draw.

World Matchplay

The World Matchplay, which is sponsored by major British sportsbook provider Betfred, is a professional darts tournament played in a legs format. The tournament is run by the PDC and has been running since it was first established in 1994.

World Grand Prix

The World Grand Prix is sponsored by BoyleSports and is another tournament run by the PDC. The tournament is held in October and takes place in Dublin, Ireland. The venue for the tournament used to be in Rochester, Kent, but was changed in 2000 and is now held across the pond. World Darts betting odds offer some great betting options, as the tournament features the sports best players – not one to miss.

Darts Betting FAQs

Who is favorite to win the darts?

Peter Wright is currently the highest-ranked player in the world, though this often changes. Be sure to check out the world rankings for the most up-to-date player.

Who is winning the darts tonight?

This really depends! Check out the rankings and the odds at your favorite sportsbook to get a better picture of how things might pan out when the tournament gets underway!

How you bet on darts?

We have provided a fairly complete guide above detailing how to bet on darts. Alternatively, choose a sportsbook you like, find a market that suits you and begin staking.

What is the prize money for the darts?

This varies from tournament to tournament, but generally speaking, the prize money is in the hundreds of thousands and can be close to a million in some cases.

Who is the richest darts player?

Dutch darts player Michael Van Gerwen has long been the top player in the world and has accumulated a huge purse from tournament wins and stands as the richest darts player.

How much is Rob Cross worth?

It’s difficult to know exactly his worth, but it’s somewhere in the region of $1-5 million from tournament wins.

Who is the world number 1 darts player?

Michael Van Gerwen is currently the number 1 ranked player.

How much is Phil “The Power” Taylor worth?

Phil Taylor has often struggled with addiction and hasn’t been able to maintain a steady lifestyle, which has resulted in him losing much of his wealth over the years.

Is there a prize for a 9 dart finish?

Darts players are given a golf pin badge if they make a 9 dart finish live on television, as well as they will be rewarded with a set figure for the tournament. This figure is determined by the tournament organizers.

Can a dart kill you?

Yes. Depending on where it hits you, it certainly can.

Why are lawn darts illegal?

Lawn darts have been banned in North American and Canada after death occurred some years ago.

Can you buy darts at Walmart?

Yes, it depends on the outlet you go to. But, generally speaking, you can purchase them.

Does Canadian Tire sell darts?

Yes. Much like Walmart, it depends on which outlet you attend, but you can certainly find darts for sale.