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BC Lions' next game is the latest in terms of time, giving bettors a bit more to research and prepare. Check the best CFL odds out right here before every game, all season long.

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Sandwiched between the Pacific Ocean and the Rocky Mountains lives the BC Lions. Canada’s most western CFL team, the Lions have been a force of nature over the last two decades turning Vancouver into a great football city and giving them the support and finances to play in the CFL’s most expensive and state-of-the-art Stadium. BC Lions odds are a great option for bettors as the team performs at a high level and the games are not impacted by weather. 

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    Betting Odds for the CFL
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BC Lions' Standings

The standings are an important part of any bettor’s repertoire. Check the BC Lions standing right here, freshly updated after every game through the CFL’s 18 game season.


Bet On BC Lions' Games

Closing in on retirement age, the BC Lions are currently in their greatest stretch over their 60 plus years of existence. Bettors and fans should not expect it to slow down any time soon, as the franchise has built a solid foundation of management and outside of high living costs, Vancouver is a very attractive city to live in. Add in the fact the Lions – as of the beginning of the 2016 season – have the longest active playoff streak at 19 seasons all the while capturing three Grey Cups on four tries. This has the Lions well-positioned for the future.

The Lions have a rivalry with each of their Western Division counterparts, but their most interesting rival is the Montreal Alouettes. The two teams bookend the CFL – as the furthest East and West franchises and now meet every Labour Day – the weekend of the year the Canadian Football League showcases it biggest rivalries. The two teams have met in the CFL Grey Cup finals twice – once in 2000 and again in 2006. BC won both games with the first one being decided by only two points. These meetings helped spurred a rivalry that is now one of the best in the game.

The BC Lions play in a dome, meaning Vancouver mild – albeit rainy – the climate has no impact on the games. The environment that does have an impact is the one inside BC Place. As one of the league’s largest stadium and arguably the best one – after undergoing an expensive retrofitting/renovation a little while back – the crowd enjoys turning out for games every week.