From the opening weeks played under warm summer temperatures and late evening sunsets through Labour Day’s bitter rivalries to fall’s rain and hints of the coming winter the Canadian Football league is as much about surviving the elements as surviving the competition. Now for six teams those elements and rivalries are kicked up a notch for the playoffs. For two weekends, the interest is ratcheted up across Canada to find out which two teams are left standing and playing for the Grey Cup. [+]

It’s not just Canadians that love their version of football, but a growing number of fans are south of the border take notice as well. There are plenty of betting lines and options available. From the in-form team that keeps on rolling to an upstart who pulls off the the upset on enemy territory the CFL playoffs are never dull showcasing a unique game played at its peak.

CFL Playoffs Betting Trends

Set aside the hype of the NFL and check out the high octane CFL brand of football. With our list of top ranked CFL playoff betting sportsbooks, the wagering options are always flowing right along with the high-flying action. Our top rated online sports wagering websites know and respect the Canadian Football League – they have bigger balls!

Bet On CFL Playoffs is here to share the huge potential payouts smart Canadian punters can get by picking on which teams will compete for the Grey Cup. Popular betting options on the CFL Playoffs include your basic Moneyline and Point Spread and Game Total wagering options. However, given the possibility of a quick “rouge” buying points, while it may decrease your hold, can help you cash a winning wager. [+]

The best thing about a league with only 9 teams is that come playoff time opponents know each other to a level you don’t find in other major sports leagues. This lets Canadian sports bettors develop some serious trends that are sure to prove useful. If Hamilton has whipped the snot out of Saskatchewan twice already, chances are they’ll do so again in the Playoffs. And you’re there to reap the betting rewards – lucky you.

Canadian Football League Online Postseason Wagering

A unique feature of CFL wagering is the relatively high scores that come from having so many possessions during a game. With only three downs per possession, teams rely heavily on “big play” potential as teams often put on a spectacular  aerial attack. Live In-Game Betting is also an attractive proposition, and quarter wagering options offer great spread wagers in their own right. Best of all, it’s available without leaving the house.

Whether you’re an Als fan from NDG, or a true-blood Argo from Markham, there are relatively few avenues in sports for Canadians to showcase their regional rivalries. The CFL Playoffs offer a great opportunity to make winning wagers and show civic pride. Whether you choose Live Betting, or just want to back the Blue Bombers and then relax with a frosty Pilsner, the CFL Playoffs is a betting event unlike any other.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re in Eastern or Western Canada, come playoff time it’s all about provincial or regional bragging rights for the six teams still playing. While the two division get to sit out opening weekend there is no rest knowing that they’d better be ready next weekend because it’s win or go home. 

None of the teams in the playoffs are just happy to be there. With a matchup against a fierce rival there is no excuse for not showing up on game day. While regular season success got them here the league’s best are starting from scratch. Injuries And past results are among the many intangibles that will have a say in the final score, but so too will the weather. November in Canada can mean any number of things.

Rain, wind and snow will play prominent roles in the drama. The slippery field can keep a defensive back from breaking up a catch. A quarterback can struggle with keeping his hands warm. A blustering wind can wreak havoc on a kicker lining up a field goal. With a hated rival across the sidelines and fans battling the elements as much as  the players the results are always memorable.

Whether it’s picking the winners, covering the spreads or trying out the countless number of prop bets, there’s no shortage of options for bettors to play. Whatever the bettor’s pick there’s a line available to keep the excitement going with each playoff weekend.