NFL Moneyline vs Point Spread Betting

Readily available, since the dawn of sports betting, moneyline and point spread odds remain as the most popular handicapping lines. Vastly different in pricing, plus when it’s right to wager on them, SU and ATS options are offered on every sporting event – including NFL games. Here we discuss the variables to these wagering options, which are always available at top ranked online sportsbooks.

NFL Money Line Wagering Options 

Perpetual motion is the state of National Football League handicapping as North America’s favorite sport can be wagered on during every month of the year these days. Thanks largely to online bookmakers, NFL betting lines are available right after Super Bowl Sunday ends and all the way to in-game action during the following year’s championship clash. Moneyline odds are a huge part of the offerings that are available for purchase 24/7 at popular sportsbooks like Bodog. Title game odds are the first options posted on betting boards to open every American pro football season.

“Successful moneyline wagers require bettors to pick from options that are void of any point spread variables”

Super Bowl futures odds, which are always listed in a moneyline format, are normally posted a couple days after the Vince Lombardi Trophy is hoisted annually. For example, following the Philadelphia Eagles historic 41-33 Super Bowl 52 win over New England - SportsInteraction posted Super Bowl 53 odds just a couple of days later. Those straight up prices ranged from the Patriots (+450) as chalk to Chicago and Cleveland (+10000) as the longest of longshots. As evident by our weekly updates - National Football League Championship lines change regularly.

“NFL Super Bowl, Conference and Division Championship money line options are available all season long”

Beyond futures odds, which include money lines on the NFL regular season and Super Bowl MVP, there are thousands of straight up prices offered during every NFL campaign. From preseason games (use caution), to regular season matches, and then during the playoffs, NFL moneylines can be bet on prior to and during every NFL match. These offers are predicated on the final score of the game, overtime included, meaning bettors have a 50/50 shot at cashing their tickets. Fans of favorites need to be vigilant though as a large investment is required to earn a small return. 

“Negative money lines require that amount to be invested to win $100 = A $200 wager on a -200 ML odds returns $100”

Cappers devoted to underdogs need to dig in on money lines as the value on pups can be astronomical. An example occurred early during NFL 2018 action, as Tampa Bay was a +425 dog during their Week 1 contest in New Orleans. Led by 14-year journeyman QB Ryan Fitzpatrick, the Buccaneers shocked the Saints and posted a 48-40 upset win in Cajun Country. Bookmakers weren’t so generous the following week as the Bucs price was +135 during their 27-21 home win vs Philadelphia. The cheap Eagles line  (-175) sucked in a many bettors – yours truly included.

Against The Spread NFL Betting Lines 

Requiring additional research, plus added bravery, against the spread (ATS) betting lines require handicappers to navigate a pre-set number of points. Belonging to the standard "Big Three" odds family - ATS prices are available on a variety of NFL options. From futures, to in-season action, plus the race to and during Super Bowl Sunday, point spread lines are always plentiful. ATS numbers first show up when NFL focused sportsbooks post season win totals for each team. Rather than a "point spread" bookmakers post a number of wins for each team that is usually accompanied by a hook.

"Team Win Total ATS betting options delivers a full season of exciting National Football League action"

Once the NFL regular season begins, floodgates open as point spread betting is available on every match. Spread out perfectly, with games normally on Thursday, Sunday and Monday, handicappers have plenty of time to research the contests prior to the action hitting gridirons across America each weekend. Available online, at veteran sportsbooks 24/7 everyday, pregame ATS odds can range from a half-point to over -20 points. Heading into the 2018 NFL season, spreads of 16 or more points have been covered seven straight times - including four that were led by QB Tom Brady. 

"Pittsburgh covered a record (-27) ATS line when the Steelers beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 42-0 in 1976"

Favorites are represented with a negative number and must win by one point or more above the spread line. Underdogs receive a "head start" as they lead the match prior to the first kickoff. Bettors cash tickets if a pup wins outright or lose by less than the point spread price. Chalk and Dog ATS odds include "juice" that generally varies between -105 and -120. There are numerous factors that determine ATS betting odds - including current form of the teams involved, location of the game, plus the recent history between the squads and the importance of the match.

"On a -3.5 (-110) Against The Spread handicapping line - Bettors must place a $110 wager to earn a $100 return"

Not available at local lottery retailers, in the Great White North, point spread prices are offered LIVE during all NFL matches at the recommended sportsbooks here at Canada Sports Betting. Increasing in popularity, and always changing on the fly, LIVE wagering can serve as a bankroll booster or as an option to hedge bets that may be headed to the trash can. Savvy punters can recognize how a contest is playing out, like a defense being gassed due to being on the field too long, and can wager accordingly. LIVE betting on ATS prices, in any sport, brings fans closer to the action.

Online Sports Betting Can Be Trusted In Canada

While Canadians wait for the government to follow the lead of regulators in the United States, who recently made single sports betting legal in America, Canucks from coast-to-coast-to-coast are well advised to check out the options available online. The days of betting with backroom bookies, or being forced to place three-team parlays at the local gas station, are long gone as wagering online is safer and more convenient than ever before. For Canuck 'Cappers wondering about the integrity of online betting shops, would the CFL hook up with shyster's to promote their product? 

We highly doubt it, as sportsbooks like SportsInteraction have become mainstream sponsors of teams like the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and Calgary Stampeders. Concerned about the security of a bookmaker like William Hill? Wonder no more, as the UK bookmaking giant is opening LIVE betting shops and kiosks across America. In short, if the corporate world trust veteran online sportsbooks - the general public can as well. Offering simple signup, plus secure banking options, CSB sportsbooks keep Canuck sports fans connected to the action 365 days a year. Get in the game!