Paolo Go

Paolo Go

Paolo Go dabbles in many things, but writing and sports remain two of his greatest passions. A lifelong fan, Paolo studied the sports world religiously.

He began as a basketball player as a teenager before transitioning into media. He graduated with honours in sports marketing and then pursued his childhood dream of being a sports writer. With credentials in Sportsnet and FanSided, Paolo mainly covers UFC/MMA and NBA with a focus on the Canadian side.

He also covers the NHL, CFL, and NFL. The sports world has changed tremendously over the last ten years mainly due to analytics. We will continue to see more Daryl Morey's and Kyle Dubas's as sports teams and athletes turn to science and computers to continue evolving their games.

As a huge proponent of advanced analytics, Paolo believes stats and metrics are the driver to growing both the sport and the business. But why stop at the sports world? Paolo writes with CSB with this same belief. He is guided by the two "S" principles: Stats and Storytelling.

Combining both fact and narrative, Paolo analyses games like a scientist but writes like a journalist. He occasionally shows his inner fan and can get carried away, but he won't gravitate too far from these principles.

While the facts reveal most of the story, the narrative fills in the intangibles. These two principles also help Paolo craft articles that are easy-to-read, informative, and memorable - so you, the reader, get the best experience and the best results.

Author articles

NFL Coaches with Most Super Bowl Wins


Winning a Super Bowl is the crown jewel to any coach's legacy and while few great coaches have won, even few have won more than one. We take a look at the NFL coaches who have the most Super Bowl wins.

Calgary selected as the Canadian Curling Hub 2021


Canadian curling is back as Calgary was just announced as the new for the 2021 Season of Champions. This would include both the Scotties Tournament of Hearts and the Tim Horton's Brier, the two most prestigious curling championships in Canada plus two editions of the Curling Championships: the Men's and Mixed Doubles. We preview the details and give a quick rundown on the events.

The Weeknd becomes first Black Canadian to perform at Super Bowl


Add another accolade for Abel Tesfaye, better known as "The Weeknd" as he becomes the first black Canadian to headline the illustrious Super Bowl halftime show. The Weeknd originated from Toronto and has since become one of the biggest music acts in the last ten years with over 45 platinum singles and albums. The coming Super Bowl will be held at the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay tentatively on February 7.

Bet365 will own a big piece of the sports betting pie by 2024


With the online gambling market expected to grow by over $100 billion in the next five years, Bet365 is positioned to become one of the market leaders. The UK-based company is recording significant growths in recent years and had already taken over the UK in just over ten years since it was created in 2000. Both Bet365 and the online gambling market will keep growing for many reasons.

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Slot games are a staple to any online casino and while most of them are fun and can pay out, the ten best slot games of 2020 are the cream of the crop. These slot games will dazzle, excite, and reward you for investing in them.

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Don't miss the top 10 college football recruiting prospects.

Bet365 Sponsors 4 Premier League Clubs


Bet365 sponsors four Premier League Clubs: Leicester; Newcastle, West Bromwich, and Wolverhampton Wanderers.

Can Alexis Lafrenière become an NHL legend?


The Canadian player Alex Lafrenière was the number one pick of the last NHL Draft. Can he become an NHL legend?

NHL Season in Review: the best bets that cashed big for 2019-20


This NHL season in review shares a similar theme with previous reviews: that the NHL's best bets continue to be shocking proving that this league remains unpredictably exciting. The Tampa Bay Lightning winning the Stanley Cup may not be as shocking, but there was a slew of other stunners that had everyone scratching their heads, pandemic or not as we eye the most lucrative bets that cashed big.

Bet365 is the new official partner of the Fantasy Football Scout


It's a double-header (of sorts) as sports betting and fantasy join forces with the announcement that Bet365 is the new official partner of the Fantasy Football Scout. Bet365, one of the most prolific sports betting websites today will be featured with the popular fantasy football website. Premium members will find not just the Football Scouts' best fantasy tips, but also some additional betting features offered at Bet365. Let's look at the details.