Paolo Go

Paolo Go

Paolo Go dabbles in many things, but writing and sports remain two of his greatest passions. A lifelong fan, Paolo studied the sports world religiously.

He began as a basketball player as a teenager before transitioning into media. He graduated with honours in sports marketing and then pursued his childhood dream of being a sports writer. With credentials in Sportsnet and FanSided, Paolo mainly covers UFC/MMA and NBA with a focus on the Canadian side.

He also covers the NHL, CFL, and NFL. The sports world has changed tremendously over the last ten years mainly due to analytics. We will continue to see more Daryl Morey's and Kyle Dubas's as sports teams and athletes turn to science and computers to continue evolving their games.

As a huge proponent of advanced analytics, Paolo believes stats and metrics are the driver to growing both the sport and the business. But why stop at the sports world? Paolo writes with CSB with this same belief. He is guided by the two "S" principles: Stats and Storytelling.

Combining both fact and narrative, Paolo analyses games like a scientist but writes like a journalist. He occasionally shows his inner fan and can get carried away, but he won't gravitate too far from these principles.

While the facts reveal most of the story, the narrative fills in the intangibles. These two principles also help Paolo craft articles that are easy-to-read, informative, and memorable - so you, the reader, get the best experience and the best results.

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