Mark Weaden

Mark Weaden

I've been living and working in Spain for just over 3 years now. I enjoy to ski, wake board, play cricket and I have an unhealthy passion for football, and unfortunately Manchester United. I enjoy reading, learning and writing about almost all sports, as well as taking a keen interest in international politics. 

I studied Education and used to be a teacher, before studying a Masters in Comms and Marketing and moving away from the classroom. I left England when I was 22 and have since lived in numerous countries; namely Nicaragua, Peru, Argentina and Vietnam. Vegetarian. I like dogs and discovering new music. 

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Montreal Expos Prop Bets: Will Expos Return to MLB By 2022?


The year 2019 marked the 50th anniversary of the Montreal Expos, with rumours continuing to circle around the return of The ‘Spos to La Belle Province.

The first Canadian team in the MLB lost their franchise when the league allowed the team to move to Washington - but baseball never went out of style in Montreal, with exhibition games constantly selling out at the crumbling Olympic Stadium. Stephen Bronfman, son of former Expos owner Charles, remains cautiously optimistic for a new era of Montreal Expos baseball.

NBA New Schedule


Last Friday marked the release of the new 2020 NBA schedule. In order to understand exactly how the rest of the 2019/20 season will play out, we’ll go into detail about games, players and NBA teams that will be competing for postseason positions as of July 30 at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex in Orlando, Florida.

Table Tennis Big Winners: Thank you, Coronavirus!


With no sport available, bettors were scrambling to find sensible markets to play the odds - but what was left to play?

Well, Russian table tennis. As players started to strike big on the table tennis markets, the gambling community flocked to this thriving new market.

How to bet in Poker - The Complete Guide to betting in Poker


The first thing any player should do is learn the basics of the game, as poker can be played in a variety of different ways.

The most common and most important one for new players to learn is known as Texas Holdem, which is the game we’ll be discussing at length today.

The other main types of poker are Pot-Limit Omaha, 7-card stud, Razz, Omaha Hi-Lo, 2-7 Triple Draw, 5 card poker, and Chinese poker. The popularity of this famous card game has led to the development of all these other versions of the game.

What’s Going on Now In Sports?


Sports fans worldwide have been without their favourite sports and teams for almost a month now, with all the major leagues shut and the players in quarantine. But a combination of sportsbooks' creativity and a few sports leagues enduring the current crisis begs the question, what’s going on now in sport?

Best Axe-Throwing Places In Ontario


Axe-throwing a thriving sport in Canada, at a recreational and competitive level, that was started in 2006 in a backyard with some friends throwing axes at a target. While this is true, throwing axes and wood-chomping type activities have been around for generations, with lumberjack competitions frequently occurring throughout the year.

The Future of the CEBL


The sporting world is static, eagerly awaiting positive news regarding the global pandemic which Covid-19 has brought upon us.

Canadian sports organizations may have more to worry about than just a swift restart to the CEBL, CPL and CFL; Could the crisis spark financial ruin for some of the top-tier Canadian sports teams, or even leagues?

Football? Golf? Soccer? Do you know the fastest Sport played on grass?


Do you know which is the fastest Sport played on grass? Hurling is. You have never heard of it? This sport was created by the Celts around one thousand years ago in Ireland and it is still very popular on the island. Check out this ultimate hurling guide.

LIVE: Coronavirus brings sports and betting to a halt


LATEST UPDATES: International sport has come to a standstill, except for a few nations that carry on in defiance of the Coronavirus. Belarus is one of them, with their Premier football league continuing to play games. Elsewhere, in the UFC, there is more speculation of where the big Khabib vs Ferguson UFC 249 night will take place. 


Top 10 MLB Best Selling Jerseys


Few things top heading out to the ballpark in the middle of the summer, with a couple of friends and grabbing a few beers and a hot dog. Of course, many fans want to represent their favourite teams and players when heading out to the game – wrapping themselves in their team’s colours and donning a jersey of their favourite players. Here are the top-10 best-selling MLB jerseys.