Mark Weaden

Mark Weaden

I've been living and working in Spain for just over 3 years now. I enjoy to ski, wake board, play cricket and I have an unhealthy passion for football, and unfortunately Manchester United. I enjoy reading, learning and writing about almost all sports, as well as taking a keen interest in international politics. 

I studied Education and used to be a teacher, before studying a Masters in Comms and Marketing and moving away from the classroom. I left England when I was 22 and have since lived in numerous countries; namely Nicaragua, Peru, Argentina and Vietnam. Vegetarian. I like dogs and discovering new music. 

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Athletes who retired to Hollywood


They are already famous, many of them are hot and they peak really young - it's like a career in Hollywood was destiny for these retiring super star athletes.

The Rise of Feminism In Sports


For too long, sport was a male-dominated domain; from what event is shown on TV to the commentators and pundits on the programme.

Historically, female athletes were always on the periphery of the event, whether it was the swimming, tennis or even the Olympics, the media and sporting institutions never seemed to give them the time of day.

However, something is stirring in the world of sports and the public are paying attention.

Major Doping Scandals that Rocked the World of Sport


Lance Armstrong, numerous MLB baseball players, the whole Russian Olympic team - the desire to make it to the top can push athletes to make bad decisions.

There have been a number of our sporting heroes, who have ended up at the center of doping scandals. One of the more recent cases of this is the Russian doping scandal, which involved doping on an almost industrial level, resulting in Russian nationals being forced to compete as neutral athletes.

To give you a timeline of scandals that have stirred things up, we put together a list of some of the biggest names in sport that were involved in doping scandals throughout the years.

9 Super Star Athletes who Smoke Cannabis


People love smoking weed. They’ve always done it, and they will always do it.

Sports stars are no exception. Weed can help them relax, deal with the pressure of being a young, high paid asset who have to perform night in, night out.

At present, in North America there are 11 states plus the District of Columbia where it’s legal to buy and consume recreational marijuana, as well as the 33 states plus D.C. that have approved medical marijuana.

Meanwhile, just over the border in Canada they’ve made Cannabis entirely legal.

The state’s attitude towards cannabis in North America has changed it from “counterculture” to simply being part of the “culture”. We’re now seeing a number of A-list sports stars and professional athletes become increasingly candid about their cannabis use.

These Athletes are Harnessing the Power of a Plant-based Diet


Plant Power - some of the most succesful athletes in the world are saying 'NO' to animal based foods.

Look at this Bling - Raptors receive ‘largest’ rings in NBA history


The Raptors players and coaches were presented with their Championship Rings and unveiled the new 2019/20 NBA champions banner to the elation of the Toronto fans. 

October Democratic Debate Odds & Props: The Who's Who of the Democratic Candidates


Will it be Biden or Warren to take the lead?