Austin Miller

Austin Miller

Born in the Midwestern Plains, Austin Miller grew up with sports for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. His early passion for journalism has led him to cover sports, as well as technology and politics. He is a proud graduate of Brown University and CUNY-Graduate Center. While fascinated by all sports and competition in general, he specializes in how sports seep into broader society.


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RuPaul's Drag Race Canada Betting Odds


RuPaul's Drag Race Canada will feature some of the fiercest competition of the summer, with 12 of the most amazing Drag Queens competing for the top prize. In order to impress, the competitors will need to stand out to both the resident judges and the surprise guest judges who will appear throughout the inaugural season.

Horoscopes - UFC 251


What happens when a Scorpio meets a Taurus in the UFC octagon? Will Sagittarius beat Libra into submission and will Virgo reign over Aquarius?

Terrestrial tipsters offer subjective picks based on the fighters’ records, but I offer something more objective: Picks from the stars.

That’s right, I have interpreted each fighter’s stellar configuration for UFC 251.

Only the stars know - see what they say:

The 6 NBA Stars Musicians Are Most Obsessed With


Have you ever been so pumped that you felt like you had just made a tie-breaking half-court shot? You can join the musicians who wax poetic on NBA athletes as a way to brag about their skill, their fame, or their love-life success. Feel that adrenaline!

With the NBA All-Star Game on the horizon, we decided to pay tribute to another way of keeping score. These are the six most-loved, most-sung-about basketball superstars. Covering both hits and less known tunes, how many of the songs can you recognize?

Some lyrics are pure adulation--focusing on the beauty and talent of individual NBA prowess. Those are just fine but don’t worry, we’ve also included some shady examples to spice things up!