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The Viral Roundup – Russell Westbrook Goes NBA Jam On Everybody’s Butts Edition

The Viral Roundup – Russell Westbrook Goes NBA Jam On Everybody’s Butts Edition
Peyton takes a pay cut, Westbrook puts up 49 versus Philly and say hello to the edible diabetic coma that is the Churro Dog. Here's the fresh new sports world you're waking up to on the morning of March 5, 2015.

Hi there! Welcome to the March 5, 2015 go-around of The Viral Roundup. This is your convenient one stop shop for all of the big stories, scores and distractions that are the talk of the sports world. In today’s installment: Peyton’s pay cut, Westbrook shines versus Philly and the D-Backs introduce the majestic Churro Dog. Pour yourself a coffee or pop open another bag of wine (we’re not here to judge) and get yourself up to speed on what’s making waves in college and the pros.

Did You Hear?

Peyton Manning is taking a pay cut. The Broncos QB won’t exactly be reduced to a Papa John’s delivery boy salary in 2015, but he has elected to shave $4 million off his pay to help the club out. (Or he’s paying $4 million for some free agent teammates. It depends on how you want to look at this thing.) Peyton was in line to earn a tidy $19 million for his services, but the base salary has now been adjusted to $15 million. If the NFL’s favourite pitchman (so many endorsement deals!) leads Denver deep into the playoffs, he’ll still be in the $19 million zone. An AFC Championship gives Peyton a $2 million bonus, same goes for a Super Bowl win. In their pre draft and pre free agency state, Denver are a 12/1 bet to win next year’s Super Bowl. By the way, the salary readjustment crowns Saints pivot Drew Brees as the league’s highest paid QB at $18.8 million.

Did You See?

The Diamondbacks unveiled a new acquisition that inspired feelings of gluttony, lust and jealousy. That coveted item? Chase Field’s Churro Dog.

This magnificent insta-diabetes offering is a feat of ballpark concession wizardry. The dessert features a churro (natch) coated in sugar and cinnamon, topped with ice cream, chocolate sauce, caramel and whipped cream, plus whatever decadence is provided by that “bun.” This culinary beauty weighs in at an estimated 1,114 calories and will set D-Backs fan back $8.50. The club also made waves last year when the stadium sold the very “America! F*** Yeah!” concession item that was the D-Bat Dog. That creation was an 18 inch corn dog stuffed with bacon, jalapeños, cheddar cheese and probably a mild feeling of despair.

Did You Know?

- Put a mask on Russell Westbrook and the dude becomes a superhero. The Oklahoma City Thunder guard returned to the lineup after suffering a cheek fracture on Friday against the Blazers. Outfitted with protective gear, Westbrook went all NBA Jam on the Sixers on Wednesday night. We’re talking on fire and in juice mode level play. How else do you explain magic like this? You can’t. Don’t even try.

The reigning NBA All-Star Game MVP exited last night’s contest with 49 points, 16 rebounds and 10 assists. He’s the first player since Michael Jordan to boast 4 consecutive triple-doubles, plus back-to-back triple doubles with 40 points. The Thunder beat the Sixers last night, but by a much closer margin than Vegas imagined. OKC was favoured by 15 going in, but needed overtime to earn the 123-118 victory. If you’re confident the Thunder will walk away as NBA champs this summer, you’re looking at 7/1 odds staring back at you.

- The Cavs picked up the W in their visit north of the border. King James tallied 29 points, including a valuable 14 in the 4th quarter, to lead Cleveland to a 120-112 victory. The win tightened up the standings in the East, placing Cleveland in a relative tie with Toronto and Chicago for the #2 spot in the conference. Cleveland have a 7-3 record to their name over the last 10 games, while Toronto has lost five of its last six contests. Raps All-Star Kyle Lowry was once again out of the lineup for the third straight game.

- The Clippers suffered an ugly collapse on Wednesday night. L.A. possessed a 10 point lead over the visiting Portland Trail Blazers with 2:40 to go and found themselves on the unpleasant end of an overtime loss by the time the game wrapped. Portland (a 2 point underdog) pulled out the 99-93 OT win with French import Nicolas Batum’s heroics to thank for the comeback win. Batum notched 20 points, 8 assists and 7 boards to bring Portland to a place of extended time glory. The Blazers will look to get their fifth straight win in their home clash versus the Mavericks tonight.

- The Anaheim Ducks looked decidedly “Mighty” in their home win over the new look Montreal Canadiens. Ducks starter Josh Gibson turned away 37 shots in a 3-1 victory that propelled the club into the penthouse suite of the NHL standings. (They’re currently a 17/2 wager to win the Stanley Cup, by the way.) This was the second loss in a row for Montreal, marking another West Coast loss following a 4-0 drubbing at the hands (fins?) of San Jose. The Habs are still tops in the East, but a 2 point margin is all that separates the club from being tied with the Rangers and the Isles.

- It took overtime, but Detroit was able to dispatch an Original 6 rival thanks to a big play from a fresh acquisition. Shiny new trade deadline toy Marek Zidlicky scored the OT winner for the Wings as they edged out the New York Rangers 2-1. The Rangers have shot down reports that goalie Henrik Lundqvist could be back in 10-14 days, offering up the stance that there’s no official timeline for the Swedish superstar’s return.

- It’s not exactly LeSean McCoy coming to town, but there’s another new face coming to Buffalo. The Bills are shipping off draft picks to Minnesota in exchange for okayish QB Matt Cassel and a draft choice of their own. Cassel comes into Buffalo following a season where served as the backup to Vikings QB of the Future™ Teddy Bridgewater. The move comes following reports that Josh McCown turned Buffalo down to sign a contract with the Cleveland Browns. EJ Manuel will be Cassel’s main competition in the battle for that Bills starting job.

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