Stanley Cup Finals Betting Lines

The Stanley Cup Finals are a time when all of Canada stops doing anything that can keep them away from hockey. This is the finals. It’s the big time when legends are born. It’s a pretty simple format. It’s a best-of-seven series, for the grandest prize in all of hockey. The team with the better regular season record has home ice advantage, and will be the site of game 7, if required. It’s a race to win 4 games, and the prize is Lord Stanley living in your city for the year, and the honour of being the best team in all of hockey. [+]

Who can forget Bobby Orr soaring through the air after scoring the overtime goal that clinched the Stanley Cup Championship for the big bad Bruins in 1970? That image is etched in the minds of National Hockey League fans around the world as #4 scored at 40-sec mark of the first overtime as Boston swept the St. Louis Blues. But memories of Steve Yzerman and Ray Bourque hoisting their first Stanley Cups are even sweeter when accompanied by a big winning bet!

Odds On Stanley Cup Finals

Looking for the best and most reliable odds on the Stanley Cup Finals? Check back before every game to make the smartest bets and win big!

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Away Score Home Money Line
Monday 06 June
FT Pittsburgh Penguins 3 - 1 San Jose Sharks +110 -130 Odds
Thursday 09 June
FT San Jose Sharks 4 - 2 Pittsburgh Penguins +155 -164 Odds
Sunday 12 June
FT Pittsburgh Penguins 3 - 1 San Jose Sharks -120 +100 Odds

NHL Stanley Cup Betting Trends

There can only be one Stanley Cup champion, but we are proud to recommend these top sportsbooks as the best websites for amazing NHL Stanley Cup betting options for Canadian and global online puck bettors.

Bet On Stanley Cup Finals

Since the chances of the Maple Leafs making the Stanley Cup Playoffs don’t seem that good for the time being (sorry TO), most Canadian Sports betting fans will need to content themselves with the huge number of betting options on the Finals series. While betting on each Game offers its own thrills, don’t forget the huge number of Series and Player props, including a potential killer payoff for predicting the series MVP. [+]

With Home Ice playing such a big part in the history of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, the point spread – commonly known as the “Puck Line” – can vacillate between the teams, no matter how outmanned one side may seem. Underdogs can play like a champion, resulting in tantalizingly close Totals bets. Choose correctly which team will win it all – and in how many games – and you could be doing your own victory lap.

National Hockey League Online Championship Wagering

If winning the Stanley Cup is the dream of every Canadian kid, then correctly betting on the Championship series is the dream of every Canadian online betting fan. Although the series boasts a “winner-take-all” Best-of-7 format, each game is by itself a separate betting event. By the time teams have progressed through the other rounds they are battle tested – and have some serious betting trends behind them.

Futures wagering is especially lucrative come the Finals. Most major sportsbooks not only let you bet on which team will win the Cup, but also in how many games it will take. Don’t overlook the crucial importance a top-ranked defense can play, scores are rarely out of control in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. With such close scores, however, payouts can be some of biggest you’ll encounter all year.

Want the best advice for betting on the Stanley Cup playoffs? 

First of all, beware of so called “experts.” There is a massive difference between guys who know a lot about the NHL and guys who know a lot about betting hockey. Hockey guys are different from serious bettors. Betting experts are more valuable than hockey experts. Bettors aren’t sentimental. They only want to know about numbers. So trust their advice, not some dude who won the office pool because he happens to love the Blackhawks. 

Also, remember, offense sells tickets, defence wins championships. Always start your plan with the goaltending matchup. Good defence and goaltending beats high powered offence in the NHL playoffs. And a hot goalie can carry you all the way to the Cup. Also, always bet against a struggling goalie on the road. The A-list guys and all-stars are capable of winning anywhere. But someone shaky isn’t going to give you a great showing on the road. Particularly come playoff time. 

If this is your first time betting on hockey, you will get a taste of how amazing it can be. But don’t let a bit of early success fool you into thinking you have a nose for picking hockey winners. That’s not a real thing, and you will lose a lot of money next year, as you put way too much faith in your instincts. Betting on hockey requires research and a plan, not instincts and a gut-feeling. 

Betting on hockey is more of a marathon than a sprint. The potential for single game quick wins is, of course, always there. But that’s not where your money is.