Tom Brady: “Captain America”

History remains to be written, and others will follow in his big footsteps, but it is difficult to argue against Tom Brady being the greatest quarterback to ever play in the National Football League. Following two rather obscure years as a starter for the NCAAF Michigan Wolverines, Brady was selected deep in the sixth round, 199th overall, during the 2000 NFL Draft. Below, we take a closer look at this star – the epitome of a winner. 

Tom Brady Career Stats

Although New England had three pivots on their roster, including star Drew Bledsoe, the Patriots brought Brady into the fold because they liked his football IQ and leadership qualities. He certainly wasn’t drafted due to his speed as Brady ran a 5.2 second 40-yard dash - well below NFL averages. Six quarterbacks were selected ahead of Brady and none of those pivots remain in the league today.

Tom Brady’s NFL Records 

Just how badly did the other 31 NFL teams whiff on Brady? The six pivots chosen prior to Brady, St. Louis Rams QB Marc Bulger is the most notable, posted a combined 207 starts and tossed 258 TD passes in those contests. Through the 2017 Super Bowl LI battle, Brady has started 269 games and he has 517 TD passes. Very surprising, Brady does not own or share any major NFL regular season quarterback records. That said, Brady is within reach of marks set by legends Brett Favre and Peyton Manning. With the amount he is behind listed in brackets, Brady is closing in the most completions (1,172) passing yards (11,711) passing touchdowns (93) plus game winning drive (7) records.

Regular season aside, the NFL playoffs is where Tom Brady has been brilliant during his illustrious career as he stands alone with multiple postseason records. During Super Bowl LI, Brady made an NFL record 34th playoff start and upped many of his personal playoff marks. Those numbers include most completions (831) pass attempts (1,325) passing yards (9,094) and touchdowns (63) tossed. Perhaps most impressive of all though, Captain America has guided the Pats to a 25-9 mark in the playoffs and he has started a record seven Super Bowl matches. Five SB Rings are a testament to Brady as well as the New England Patriots organization and his legendary head coach Bill Belichick. 

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competitions Away Score Home Money Line
August 2016 (3)
Thu 11 Saints 22 - 34 Patriots +170 -185 Odds
Thu 18 Chicago Bears 22 - 23 Patriots +165 -164 Odds
Fri 26 Patriots 19 - 17 Panthers +160 -169 Odds
September 2016 (4)
Thu 1 Patriots 9 - 17 New York Giants -120 +100 Odds
Sun 11 Patriots 23 - 21 Cardinals +325 -435 Odds
Sun 18 Miami Dolphins 24 - 31 Patriots +210 -244 Odds
Thu 22 Houston Texans 0 - 27 Patriots -111 -111 Odds
October 2016 (5)
Sun 2 Buffalo Bills 16 - 0 Patriots +170 -200 Odds
Sun 9 Patriots 33 - 13 Cleveland Browns -526 +400 Odds
Sun 16 Bengals 17 - 35 Patriots +305 -345 Odds
Sun 23 Patriots 27 - 16 Steelers -345 +275 Odds
Sun 30 Patriots 41 - 25 Buffalo Bills -256 +235
November 2016 (3)
Sun 13 Seattle Seahawks 31 - 24 Patriots +280 -345 Odds
Sun 20 Patriots 30 - 17 49ers -526 +400 Odds
Sun 27 Patriots 22 - 17 New York Jets -455 +350 Odds
December 2016 (4)
Sun 4 Los Angeles Rams 10 - 26 Patriots +600 -909 Odds
Mon 12 Baltimore Ravens 23 - 30 Patriots +240 -278 Odds
Sun 18 Patriots 16 - 3 Denver Broncos Odds
Sat 24 New York Jets 3 - 41 Patriots +1000 -2000 Odds
January 2017 (3)
Sun 1 Patriots 35 - 14 Miami Dolphins -400 +310 Odds
Sat 14 Houston Texans 16 - 34 Patriots +950 -1667 Odds
Sun 22 Steelers 17 - 36 Patriots +210 -244 Odds
February 2017 (1)
Sun 5 Patriots 34 - 28 Atlanta Falcons -145 +125 Odds

How Much Does Tom Brady Make?

New England owner Robert Kraft and Tom Brady are probably the only people who know the exact numbers but the Patriots all-world pivot is estimated to have earned $182,544,205 in salary and his signing bonuses between the 2000 and 2016 seasons. Slated to be a Patriot for life, Brady’s current contract calls for him to make a paltry one million dollars in 2017 and $14 million in both 2018 and 2019 prior to becoming a free agent in 2020. Brady’s last contract was signed prior to the 2013 NFL season so we fully expect that he will have a richer deal in place before the current one expires.

Tom Brady’s House

While rock and roll legend Bob Seger sang about Hollywood nights, in the Hollywood hills, Brady and his family at one point lived amongst them. Nestled in the super-rich suburb of Brentwood, CA, Brady sold the mega-estate to rapper Dr. Dre for $40 million in 2015. Returning to the east coast full time, the Brady Bunch now split time between their New York City condo and their permanent abode, which is a 14,371-square-foot mansion that’s located in the Chestnut Hill neighbourhood of Brookline, MA. Neighbour’s with Patriots owner Robert Kraft, the Brady’s offseason home sits on a 5.2 acre parcel of land that borders the ultra-exclusive and historic Brookline Golf & Country Club.

Tom Brady’s Wife

Rich attracts richer and that is certainly the case with Tom Brady and his Brazilian supermodel wife Gisele Bundchen. Following a courtship that began back in 2006, Brady and Bundchen tied the knot when they were married in 2009. A television producer, fashion model and actress, Bundchen has an estimated net worth of $360 million while her “peasant” multiple NFL and Super Bowl MVP husband has a reported $180 million nest egg. The Forbes group rated this Victoria’s Secret star as the world’s top-earning model in 2012. Turning back to the field, bettors can follow Tom Brady and Patriots during every NFL season at the New England team page here at Canada Sports Betting. When it’s time to wager on the matches, the top ranked CSB sportsbooks get bettors into the game quickly and securely, with easy registration, and they offer a wealth of wagering choices.

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