Stephen Curry vs LeBron James

LeBron James and Stephen Curry are two of the most dominant players the NBA has ever seen. Some might say Kobe Bryant doesn’t pass but with his retirement, he passed the torch to these two behemoths of basketball. Having met in each of the last two Finals, taking 1 apiece, we’re asking who’s better. The silent sniper can rain down 3s while the King can plow his way to the paint like nobody’s business.

LeBron James and Stephen Curry Stats

Both James and Curry are phenoms of nature and have unequivocally led their teams to the NBA Playoffs and beyond. Their teams have depth, but without these two, they would be below average clubs. This video showcases their talents along with their accomplishments and impact.

So who’s your guy? Steph Curry has been called one of the best shooters of all time, as he makes 3s without a sweat. And when it starts to drizzle, you know the storm is coming. He’s the all time highest 3 point shooter in a single season, and the leader in consecutive games getting at least a 3. LeBron James scores more in the paint, but he can attack from multiple avenues. Not only that, but he’s the leader in career assists by a forward and the youngest 4 time MVP. You probably know about this already, so let’s get into the nitty gritty!

Golden State Warriors Stephen Curry

Midway through the 2016-17 season, Stephen Curry is showing just how much of a baby-faced assassin he truly is. With Kevin Durant’s inclusion into the Golden State Warriors, it was thought that Curry would have to share the spotlight, but that’s not reflected in the stats. Sure, he’s playing slightly less minutes than he’s used to, but he’s scoring more points per game than his average. What’s interesting is that his 3 point shooting has declined a bit, but judging by his high PPG, he’s finding other ways to score. He’s still in his prime, but has had an illustrious career to date. He set an NBA record with 286 three pointers in the 2014-15 season, and then demolished it one year later with 402.

Stephen Curry Shooting Stats

Despite losing in the NBA Finals that year, Curry was the first player to be voted unanimous NBA MVP. A fair assessment, since he led his team to breaking the record for most wins in a season with 73. Curry is ranked 3rd on the all time list for 3PT% with a stunning 44% also, and is a member of the 50-40-90 club with only 6 other players in history. He was also named the AP Athlete of the Year in 2015. Internationally, his career has been lackluster. He played a low number of minutes at the 2010 FIBA World Cup in Turkey (which the United States won in an undefeated campaign), and helped a bit more in the 2014 edition in Spain, but only scoring 10 points in the final. He missed the 2016 Olympic tournament in Brazil beause of health issues. He’s still on fire this season, and the youngster is still in his prime, so don’t count him out yet, nationally or internationally.

Cleveland Cavaliers LeBron James

Lebron James has been in the league an eternity longer than Steph Curry, as he went there straight from high school. Drafted as first overall pick by the Cleveland Cavaliers, King James failed to disappoint. He led them to the franchise’s first ever NBA Finals in 2007, but couldn’t get the gold that year. While producing consistently for the Cavs, it was his controversial move to the Miami Heat which saw him fall from grace with a lot of fans, but James’ astonishing play only increased since. In his 4 years with the Heat, he took them to the Finals each year, and led them to consecutive championships in 2012 and 2013.

After rejoining the Cavs for the 2014-15 season, he again proved his worth by leading his team to the Finals against Steph Curry and the Warriors, but James came out the loser of that hard fought series. His redemption came the next year in 2015-16, when James once again led his team to the Finals and finally beat the Warriors and become the most beloved athlete in Ohio. In his career, he’s averaging 27.1 PPG and 7 APG, but he’s coming around as a better all around player now. His 3PT% is significantly higher this season at 38.9%, and he’s made a transition into more assists while not losing any of his scoring abilities.

LeBron James Advanced Stats

While Steph Curry’s accomplishments might seen jarring, LeBron’s extra years have granted him an even more stunning profile. He’s been a 13 time All-Star, twice the game’s MVP, the AP Athlete of the Year twice, a 3 time Champion, 4 time league MVP, and 3 time Finals MVP. Internationally, he’s made a much more staggering impact than Curry as well. After a lackluster start, he made an impact at the 2012 Olympic tournament in London. He overshadowed an aging Kobe Bryant, and recorded the tournament’s first ever triple-double, and became the Olympic all time leading scorer. Along with the great Michael Jordan, he’s the only player to have received an Olympic gold medal, and NBA MVP, Finals MVP, and NBA Championship all in the same year. 

Baby-Faced Assassin vs King James – Who’s Your Guy?

How does this all help us learn to earn? Well, with the basketball season coming to an end, there’s still a ton of opportunity to cash those tickets. With a stacked team such as the Warriors, and the addition of Kevin Durant, it would be tough for the Cavs to repeat last year’s performance. What the Warriors gained though with Durant, they lost in Curry’s confidence. LeBron got into his head in last year’s playoffs, and with Curry already out of his element shooting less 3s, it would make for an interesting matchup if these two teams meet again in the Finals. If they do, the Cavs will take it again, maybe even in less games this time.

When it comes down to it, LeBron has what it takes to lead, even if his team isn’t as deep as the Warriors. Ironically though, if the Final ends up being another team, like the San Antonio Spurs and Cavs, it wouldn’t necessarily be a good idea to play the Cavs. They aren’t in the Spurs heads like they are Golden State. Generally though, look for both teams to continue their great season and go deep in the playoffs, and if it’s Golden State against Cleveland again, be sure to get on over to Sports Interaction and take advantage of their odds so you can make the most with your money. Think we’re wrong?Who’s your guy? LeBron James or Steph Curry?

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