Wimbledon is the third major tournament – and the only one with a strict all-white dress code – on the tennis calendar and perhaps the most prestigious of the lot. Referred to as ‘The Championships’, the event begins each year in early July and has produced some absolutely incredible matches and individual talent in it’s decorated history spanning more than one hundred years.

Wimbledon Betting Sites

Wimbledon presents a great chance for betting, and with a large selection of different lines available, every need is catered. Budding pundits can place bets on everything in a match from the overall winner to the total number of sets, from the number of aces served to the exact score of a set. The possibilities are almost endless. [+]

Below is a selection of the best sportsbooks, handpicked so you know they have the best offers. This is your one stop shop for everything you need to make a successful wager on Wimbledon.

Out of the four majors, Wimbledon is the only tournament with a strict all-white dress code that reinforces the tradition and prestige of the London-based event. Who will rise to the occasion and lift the famous trophy this year?

These days, betting on Wimbledon is easier than ever and with so many options available, you will have a hard time not placing a bet! The world’s best sportsbooks are constantly competing for your betting dollar, so really it’s never been this good for punters. Keep your eyes open for specials and take advantage of first-timer bonuses that are often available.

An accumulator or parlay bet is a great way to make money off the early rounds of a major tournament such as Wimbledon. Most of the world’s top players breeze through to the second week of competition, so you are fairly safe in picking that they will win in their first and seocnd round matches. The issue of course is that they are priced at absolutley unbackable odds.

With a parlay bet, you can choose several of the favourites to turn your poor odds into decent value. Don’t be afraid to pick up to ten or more to make this happen.

Another way to get value out of your first-week picks is to place a wager on the number of sets required for victory. Straight-sets will always be the favourite, but should be at a better price than the head-to-head price. Moreover, if you are able to pick a winner to win in more than the minimum required sets (i.e. two for women, three for men), you will get fantastic odds.

Wimbledon Live Betting

All the top betting companies offer live betting and this is your biggest and best opportunity to cash in and leave the bookies red faced. To succeed here you need to be disciplined and stay focused – watch the whole of a game without interruption to ensure you get your bet in at the right time. 

Say you like Novak Djokovic but he is priced way too low as the favourite for the match. If you bide your time, you may be lucky enough to see him go down early either by a break in serve or (if you’re really lucky) by a set. Champions like Novak always come back, however the leading sportsbooks will react to the information by changing the price.

That is the time to pounce. Hold your nerve, pick the right moment, and you could be off with a big windfall, something that would not be possible without the option to place a live wager.

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Wimbledon Futures

Wimbledon Over / Under

The over/under line is typical of any sport and applies to tennis as well. At Wimbledon, you can bet on the total number of games in a set or even the total number of games in a match.

Remember that the sportsbook will set their number at the beginning of a match which should be a close indicator of what will happen (remember that the brainiacs at the top sportsbooks will have access to some serious data and do not simply guess their lines!).

Over/unders can be best utilized when combining with a live bet and the same rules apply as those discussed above. You need to ensure you know the exact starting line and wait to see if the live match starts to move in a different direction. When it does, use your knowledge that the line will eventually return back to the bookmaker’s original and take advantage of the bonus odds available.

Sounds easy? It is, but you will need to be patient and ensure you wait for the right moment.

Wimbledon Futures Betting

You can always look to place a wager on a player months in advance; the top betting companies will allow you to do this and will even offer better odds than what they would immediately prior to the first day of a tournament. Be mindful that injuries can happen so it is a risk, however with that risk comes a potential greater reward. 

Odds on the favourites can fluctuate drastically within three months of a tournament like Wimbledon, and can all depend on the media and hype that certain players get.

For example, it is common for a player like Nick Kygrios to have a lower price at the Australian Open. As an Australian, many people may feel that he will do better in front of his home crowd, although one could just as easily argue that the added pressure could have a reverse effect.

Whatever the case, the media will increase the talk surrounding him and a flurry of bets will be placed, causing his price to drop and no longer indicate his actual potential.

More Wimbledon Betting

All of the information you need to do your research can be found on the official ATP and WTA tour websites, and the depth of statistical analysis is almost endless.

Aces, unforced errors, winners, whether a set will go to a tiebreaker and even first serve percentages are lines that some companies will offer under their ‘exotics’ section.

Also, it is worthwhile noting the following facts and statistics when betting on Wimbledon.

Men’s matches are best of five sets, so there is much less chance of an upset victory. The number one in men’s tennis does not change too often: did you know that a winner has come from outside the top four seeds just once in the last twenty years?

Women’s matches are best of three and are much less predictable than the men’s. Their rankings are ever-changing, and despite the dominance of Serena Williams since the turn of the century, it has traditionally been far more difficult to pick a winner in the ladies’ draw, or in fact in any match on the WTA tour. Tread carefully here!

This is the kind of statistic you are going to need to know before placing bets! Above all, research is the key here, and if you are a big fan of the sport and follow it closely you should have no problem picking your winners. Best of luck!