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The first Grand Slam of the pro tennis tour is the Australian Open (usually in January). While not the most prestigious, the Aussie Open is the second-best attended major of the four pro tennis Grand Slam events. Played on a Plexicushion hardcourt that’s designed to mitigate the hot conditions, Australian Open betting lines often favor heavy hitters who control the game from the baseline while conserving their energy.

Odds On Australian Open Games

Odds on Australia Open tennis tend to be completely dominated by top seeds such as Novak Djokovic and Serena Williams, with the men’s draw featuring the least diverse list of winners out of the two tours. For this reason, tennis betting fans enjoy betting on a variety of types of wager to spice up the action. [+]

Match Play: The most frequent type of tennis bet involves predicting the winner of a single match. Compared to other types of wagering, betting on a single match gives you more opportunities to sniff out upsets. Keeping an eye on player trends, like overall fitness and health, hard court records and head-to-head match records, gives you a leg up on determining the player who’s best to bet on.

Tournament Betting: The Australian Open has seen Novak Djokovic win the tournament five times since 2011, with Stan Wawrinka breaking the streak with his first Grand Slam win in 2014. On the women’s side, it’s hard to bet against Serena for any tournament that she enters, although hard hitters and top seeds such as Angelique Kerber have a shot at pulling off an upset at any time.

Side Bets: Since the favourites tends to do extremely well at the Australian Open, you might wish to bet on other aspects of the tournament or a match. Some betting services offer action on specific tournament outcomes, such as the odds of Djokovic, Murray or Nadal not winning the tournament. You could also bet on the odds of Djokovic defeating Murray in the finals. For single matches, you can wager on details such as the number of aces or the number of sets that take place in a match.

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Australian Open Betting Trends

After the long pause of tennis majors when the U.S. Open finishes, fans look forward to playing Australian Open tennis betting trends at the beginning of the year. When looking to place a bet on tennis or any other sport, you should partner with a reputable sportsbook that you can trust. The following sites provide solid odds, great service and the occasional bonus betting promotion. 

Bet On Australian Open Games

Each Grand Slam of the ATP and WTP season has its own set of challenges, and the Australian Open is no different. Issues such as climate, court surface and tournament rules may have a huge impact on the likelihood of a player winner a tournament or an individual match. Before you place a bet on Australian Open tennis, you should consider these important factors.

Hot Hard Court: While the grass court surface of Wimbledon and hard court surface of the U.S. Open tends to be considered faster, the Australian Open’s hard court surface is still extremely quick, despite the Plexicushion surface designed to somewhat suppress bounce and speed. The Australian heat is one of the culprits, making the balls appear to be livelier the hotter the conditions get. A recent addition of an indoor playing surface helps to reduce the effect of the heat at this open, but players still need to prepare their fitness or face the consequences of running out of gas during a crucial moment of the match.

Tiebreaker Rule: When the score is tied for the final set, the Australian Open moves away from the tiebreaker used to determine previous sets, similar to Wimbledon and the French Open. Instead, the final set has to be won by two games, which can lead to marathon matches.