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The US Open is one of golf’s most prestigious events and has produced some of the most amazing moments in the sport since its inception in 1895. The top players from around the world take on some of America’s greatest and most challenging courses and always provide serious entertainment during the four rounds. Who is your pick for this year’s event?

US Open Golf Betting Sites

As always, you can find the best odds and lines from the world’s best sportsbooks right here. Looking for the best price on the tournament favourite? Perhaps you’re looking for the best deals on Round Handicap lines? Whatever you’re after, look no further than the table below.

The top sports betting websites always come to the party with fantastic offers and options during all major tournaments, and the US Open is no exception. You can be sure to find the right bet to suit your needs though the most popular betting line is the outright winner market.

You are quite simply placing a bet on who you believe will win the tournament, regardless of whether they need a playoff to determine the champion. The best part about this line is that you can place your wager weeks or even months in advance, allowing you to get much better odds and even parlay your pick into one of the other major tournaments.

You will always receive great prices as it is no mean feat to pick an outright winner in a large field, so why not have a go and see what happens! The next most popular lines offer slightly more security and as a result significantly reduced prices.

You can choose to pick the final finishing position of your selected player. While it may be not worth it to pick a tournament favourite in the ‘Top 20′ line, you could certainly find a bargain if you do your research and find that an outsider is in the right form to finish higher than expected.

You can even bet on which players will make or miss the cut, again great if you have a broad knowledge of all players in the field. You can also place a handicap bet on a player’s round or tournament score. For example, if you expect your player will score well under par either in their first round or in total, why not bet against his score?

You could place a bet with great odds at say -5.5, and as long as your player scores better than six under par, you’ll be in for a win. Remember to check out the player’s past performances at the course and their current form before attempting this kind of bet.

Remember to use statistics found on the official PGA Tour website to help you determine the likely winner of a tournament. By comparing tour numbers with course-specific information, you can determine the likely winner. A long course will benefit the longer hitters, while a more intricate narrow or hazardous course will favour those with the best approach play or scrambling ability.

Be sure to check the weather forecast as well before you bet as certain players will thrive in the wet and others may be better in dry conditions. Finally, never underestimate the power of a live bet. You can bet during rounds with all the best betting companies, which is a major advantage when the favourite starts slowly and his price begins to rise. By biding your time and being patient, you can really take advantage of the odds on offer.

US Open Golf Futures

As noted above, future bets are always available for major tournaments and you can make significant money by betting well in advance. Futures often do not consider potential injuries or loss of form, so it is always a risk to place bets long time before the tournament starts, however if you have that feeling, why not put your money where your mouth is and think of the potential intake!

The US Open is one of the most popular golfing events and as such attracts a large amount of money from the betting community. Remember that odds can often be swayed by the popularity of a particular player rather than the actual likelihood of them winning.

Be sure to always do your own research when attempting to bet and check your sources. Do not fall into the trap of trusting an expert with little to no track record of actually backing winners.

By following the advice above and using our great selection of top bookmakers, you are unlikely to have a poor betting experience. Start today and join in on the conversation on our Facebook page later on to get further information about upcoming tournaments and fixtures.