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The PGA Championship is the fourth and final major tournament on the golfing calendar, and the last opportunity of the year for the world’s best players to etch their names into the history books. The trophy has been raised by some of the most recognizable names in golf over one hundred years of action or so. Who will taste victory in this year’s edition of the event?

PGA Championship Betting Sites

As with all the major golfing tournaments, there are a number of fantastic betting opportunities available through a variety of different sportsbooks, each with hundreds of different ways to place a wager on the event. Looking to place an outright bet on the tournament victor? Perhaps you fancy picking the final winning margin? Maybe you would like to punt on the nationality of the eventual winner or simply choose a player to finish in the top-ten? Whatever your bet, be sure to visit one of our partners below who will service all your betting requirements.

The most popular betting lines focus on the final position of the player in the overall leaderboard, and you can choose whether to be bold and go for an outright winner bet (this will give you the best odds of course), or be more conservative and choose a top-five, top-ten or even top-twenty finish. There will be options to place a wager on players making or missing the cut, as well as round-by-round betting opportunities. There really is no limit to what you can do!

The other popular options available involve the player’s country or region of origin. For example, you can bet on the top-placing American, Australasian, European etc. This is a great way to obtain great odds on players that you feel could be a chance in the tournament, as it reduces the number of variables (other players) and does not rely on them winning the entire tournament.

Why not turn this into an accumulator and try picking the best European and the best Australian? Just think of the potential returns on that wager!

Remember that the best betting sites will allow you to bet during live play. If you are convinced that the favourite for the tournament is going to raise the cup at this year’s event, it would be unwise to place a bet on him before play commences as the odds available are simply not worth it.

It is almost a certainty that his price will go down during the tournament, particularly if he makes a solid and not spectacular start, so bide your time and jump on when you see his odds move in your favour. Make sure you explore our sportsbook partners and check out all of the different options available. As always, you can also join in the discussion on our facebook page to connect with other bettors and convey your thoughts on this year’s likely winner.

Do your research and the odds will forever be in your favour, good luck!

PGA Championship Futures

Betting Companies will allow you to place wagers on major tournaments like the PGA Championship several months in advance. While picking an outright winner from a large field is extremely difficult, it does allow you to gain much better odds on the favourites.

For example, the top pick in the week prior to a tournament may be around +200 to +300 depending on the number of in-form golfers at that particular time, although the top sportsbooks will offer closer to +800 if you lock in your bet 2-3 months prior to the event.

Don’t forget that you can also place wagers on many of the statistical markets in PGA tournaments. Longest Drive, Best GIR Percentage and Most Fairways Hit are just a few of the many markets the top sportsbooks offer. All of the information you need to do your research can be found on the official PGA Tour website, and the depth of statistical analysis is almost endless. Placing wagers on golf can be about much more than who will be the overall winner of the tournament.

Speaking of statistics, remember that these numbers can lead you directly to a likely tournament winner in any competition. By thoroughly reviewing the type of course that this year’s PGA Championship will be played on, including the course length, width of fairways, length of rough, number of hazards and speed of green, and then comparing these factors to a golfer’s strengths (every player will have a ranking in each individual field), you will be even more likely to pick a tournament victor.

Lastly, be wary of placing bets on the over/under markets. If you do wish to place a wager on the winning margin or winning score, make sure you wait until the absolute last minute – factors like the weather, pin location and green speed are often only determined very late on and can make a huge difference between a tournament with low scores and one where players battle to stay under par. Using information from prior competitions at the same venue can be dangerous, as again layouts can change and weather can vary. Good luck if you do wish to have a go here!

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