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Futures lines, offered by top online sportsbooks everywhere these days, add excitement to a sports season and can be very profitable. That is true in the National Football League and odds to win the Super Bowl after posted shortly after the Vince Lombardi Trophy is hoisted on Championship Sunday. The numbers can change rapidly and this page will be updated regularly during the exciting NFL season.

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Super Bowl Futures 2018

Part of the sports wagering landscape, 365 days a year now, the NFL has become a twelve month passion for pigskin prognosticators. From Super Bowl and Team Win Total odds, to prices on the MVP and Rookie of the Year, top ranked CSB bookmakers keep their betting boards well stocked with NFL futures options. Our odds display “week over week” changes and CSB readers are invited to check back anytime for regularly updated NFL Championship lines – plus postseason predictions.

NFL Futures Price Movement: Gain: Return Rose Drop: Return Fell: Unchanged: No Move

Latest SportsInteraction NFL Super Bowl LII Futures Update: 12:30 AM ET 19/10/17

NFL Selection Status: Kicked Off - Sacked - Touchdown

Hot and Not: Week 7 Super Bowl LII Futures Update

Bigger story six weeks into the 2017 National Football League season? US President Donald Trump vs the NFL players? Or, the number of top-paid players that are falling like flies during the first October frost? In the Twitter cesspool, the answer is NFL players kneeling during the US Nation Anthem. At a young age, yours truly was rightfully taught to stand at attention, remain still, and face the flag when the Anthem of any Nation is played. Wishing everyone was taught the same – the players have made their point and it would be nice to move on.

On the field however, plus on betting boards at top rated online sportsbooks, it’s the rash of injuries. Tumbling down our Super Bowl LII futures board, Green Bay lost all-world QB Aaron Rodgers for the season due to a broken collarbone. The Packers price plummeted from +550 to +1600 at SportsInteraction. Most of the Packers loss was the Eagles gain as Philadelphia (+1200 to +850) is now the top chalk squad from the NFC. Following a BYE, Seattle is second favorite but the Seahawks price rose (+1000 to +1100) and we still aren’t sold on the Hawks.

With the NFC now being muddled even more, since the Packers took a big step back, New England (+450) Pittsburgh (+800) and Kansas City (+850) have taken over as the top three favorites to claim Super Bowl LII. Each of those squads have issues of some sort and none of them are looking better than the Eagles - who have the same price as the Chiefs. Feeling the Patriots find a fix on defense, we are sticking with New England as our AFC Super Bowl pick. We’ve added Philadelphia (+850) as an NFC representative with two units at SportsInteraction.

Week 7 Super Bowl LII Add: Philadelphia Eagles (+850) Two Units at SportsInteraction.

NFL 2017-18 Super Bowl LII Futures Movement

AFC Championship Week 7 Future Odds Update 19/10/17

Tom Brady & Co. had their hands full with the New Jets during Week 6 but in the end, and like so many times prior, the Pats posted a 24-17 win. That was enough for the top ranked CSB sportsbooks to keep the Champs as overall chalk to win the 2018 AFC Championship. Winning 19-13 on the road in Kansas City, Pittsburgh handed the Chiefs their first loss of the season. The victory moved the Steelers into a virtual dead-heat with KC as (+400) second favorites. Since we are invested in all three of those teams already – we’ll stand pat at this point.

Finding an underdog with a chance has turned into a tough task in the AFC. Fresh off a BYE, and playing at home in Mile High Country, Denver (+1200) failed miserably in Week 6 as they dropped a 23-10 decision to New York. That’s the Giants (1-5) first win of the year and they did it with a skeleton squad. Houston didn’t have a problem during a 33-17 pounding of the Browns but the Texans (+1600) have injury issues that didn’t show vs Cleveland. Tennessee ended an 0-11 run vs Indianapolis and we still like the Titans to win the AFC South title.

Week 7 AFC Championship Wait and Watch: Tennessee Titans (+1600) at BetWay.

AFC Championship Weekly Price Update: 1:30 AM ET 19/10/17 Shaded Green = Best Buy

Odds Table Placement: Teams are listed by their position in the AFC Standings through Week 6.

  AFC Championship
Kansas City Chiefs  +300 to +400   +300 to +375   +300 to +400   +300 to +350 
Pittsburgh Steelers  +600 to +400   +600 to +375   +600 to +400   +550 to +375 
New England Patriots  +200 to +185   +200 to +190   +175 to +162   +170 to +162 
Buffalo Bills  +2500 to +2800   +2500 to +2800   +2500 to N/C   +2000 to +2500 
Miami Dolphins  +5000 to +4000   +5000 to N/C   +5000 to +3300   +4000 to +3300 
Denver Broncos  +900 to +1200   +900 to +1200   +800 to +1100   +900 to +1200 
Tennessee Titans  +2500 to +1600   +2500 to +1600   +2500 to +1600   +2000 to +1600 
Jacksonville Jaquars  +2800 to N/C   +2800 to N/C   +2000 to +2500   +2200 to +2500 
Baltimore Ravens  +1800 to +2800   +1800 to +2800   +1600 to +2800   +2000 to +2800 
New York Jets  +7500 to + 10000   +7500 to +12500   +8000 to +12500   +10000 to +12500 
Houston Texans  +2000 to +1400   +2000 to +1600   +2000 to +1400   +1800 to +1600 
Cincinnati Bengals  +2800 to +2500   +2800 to N/C   +2500 to N/C  +2500 to +2800 
Indianpolis Colts  +3300 to +7500   +4000 to +7500   +4000 to +6600   +6600 to N/C 
Los Angeles Chargers  +7500 to +5000   +7500 to +6600   +5000 to +3300   +6600 to +4000 
Oakland Raiders  +1600 to +2000   +1600 to +2500   +1600 to +2000   +1600 to +2000 
Cleveland Browns  +100000 to N/C   +150000 to +200000   +50000 to +75000   +40000 to N/C 

2017-18 AFC Championship Futures Movement

NFC Championship Week 7 Future Odds Update 19/10/17

We knew the NFC Championship race would be loaded with pitfalls but we didn’t forecast QB Aaron Rodgers having his collarbone crushed. We don’t see the Packers folding up their tent but Bet365 moved their line (+300 to +1000) a ton. A little late on the 5-1 Eagles, we picked up Philadelphia at +850 and they’re now top chalk with a line from +350 at BetWay to +425 at Bodog. Stacked on offense, after a 30-17 Week 1 win versus the Redskins in DC, Philly aims for a season series sweep of NFC East rival Washington at The Linc during MNF.  

Defending NFC Champ Atlanta (+450 to +750) have not looked right this season. It’s tough to figure out as they have MVP QB in Matt Ryan, highly productive running backs Devonta Freeman and Tevin Coleman, plus Julio Jones who is arguably the best wideout in the NFL. Coming out of their BYE we felt the Falcons would be worth watching – especially with Jones reportedly healthy. The Dirty Birds 20-17 home loss to Miami last week, after being up 17-0 at halftime, is concerning. Defense has a chance at leading Minnesota to the NFC North title.

Week 7 NFC Championship Wait and Watch: Minnesota Vikings (+1600) at Bodog.

NFC Championship Weekly Price Update: 1:30 AM ET 19/10/17 Shaded Green = Best Buy

Odds Table Placement: Teams are listed by their position in the NFC Standings through Week 6.

  NFC Championship
Philadelphia Eagles  +800 to +350   +550 to +425   +750 to +375   +700 to +350 
Minnesota Vikings  +1600 to +900   +1600 to +1100   +1600 to +900   +1600 to +1000 
Carolina Panthers  +1000 to N/C   +1200 to +1100   +1000 to N/C   +1000 to +1200 
Los Angeles Rams  +2500 to +1600   +2200 to +1200   +2200 to +1400   +2000 to +1400 
Green Bay Packers  +315 to +1000   +300 to +1000   +300 to +1000   +300 to +900 
New Orleans Saints  +2500 to +1600    +2800 to +1200   +2500 to +1400   +2500 to +1400 
Atlanta Falcons  +450 to +750   +550 to +700   +450 to +700   +450 to +600 
Washington Redskins  +3300 to +2000   +2800 to +1600   +2200 to +1600   +2500 to +1800 
Seattle Seahawks  +500 to +450   +450 to +475   +450 to N/C   +450 to +400 
Detroit Lions  +1600 to N/C   +1600 to N/C   +1600 to +1800   +1600 to N/C 
Ariziona Cardinals  +7500 to +2500   +6600 to +4000   +4000 to +2000   +3300 to +2500 
Dallas Cowboys  +900 to +1000   +1000 to +1100   +800 to +1000   +900 to +1000 
Tampa Bay Buccaneers   +2000 to +2200   +2200 to +2500   +2200 to N/C   +2000 to +2200 
Chicago Bears   +15000 to +10000   +50000 to +10000   +20000 to +6600   +22500 To +6600 
New York Giants  +8000 to +5000   +12500 to +5000   +8000 to +5000    +7500 to +5000 
San Francisco 49ers  +50000 to +40000   +100000 to +150000   +40000 to N/C   +30000 to N/C 

2017-18 NFC Championship Futures Movement

Best Online Sportsbooks Available in Canada

Undeniably “The King” of sports betting in North America, the NFL is far from alone when it comes to exciting wagering action at the sportsbooks recommended here at CSB. While we don’t like to brag, as is tradition, Canucks of proud of their longer fields and bigger balls. CFL handicapping action is first served up in mid-June and runs all the way to Grey Cup Sunday in late November.

Prior to, and then running in tandem with the pigskin seasons, baseball lines numbering in the thousands are splashed across online betting boards everyday. That includes MLB World Series futures lines and thrilling LIVE in-game wagering. Though their seasons are currently idle, along with American Football, futures odds for the NHL and NBA are also prevalent all year long.

NFL Futures Archive:

2016-17 Super Bowl Outright

2016-17 AFC Championship Outright

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