Odds To Win Super Bowl

Futures betting are one of the most lucrative angles in sports wagering. Just ask anyone who backed Leicester City to claim the 2015-16 Premier League Championship with +5000 ML odds. Offered on a variety of events, we won’t forget the 2016 US Presidential election; the most popular form of this unique wagering option is pro sports championships. When it comes to title betting action - NFL futures lead the parade.

Super Bowl Futures 2018

From regular season Division titles to Conference and Super Bowl Champions, as well as a whole lot more in between, opportunities to place NFL futures bets are never in short supply. Add in team win totals that are offered in the preseason, plus individual wagers like NFL Most Valuable Player or NFL Rookie of the Year, and it’s easy to see why forecasting National Football League futures is such a popular choice. With the historic Super Bowl LI now complete, here are the opening futures odds for Super Bowl LII that will play out on February 4, 2018, at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, MN. Splitting the 450 unit profit earned from our Week 19 Patriots futures pick below, we are backing the NFC Dallas Cowboys (+900) and AFC Pittsburgh Steelers (+1000) on these early money lines.

Bodog Super Bowl LII Futures Odds February 6, 2017

Super Bowl LI Future Odds

One of the first options to ever be offered, for decades now, Super Bowl futures remain as one of the most profitable forms of crystal ball wagering. Posted shortly after each Championship Sunday match ends, futures prices on the Super Bowl are a fixture on betting boards all through the year.

Patriots -150 -150 -160 -155
Falcons +130 +130 +140 +135

NFL Super Bowl LI Futures Odds Final Thoughts February 6, 2017

AFC Championship Future Odds

Dominated by the New England Patriots recently, AFC Championship futures odds usually feature perennial contenders like the Pittsburgh Steelers and Denver Broncos. This year we have a new kid on the 2017 AFC contenders list, as the red-hot Oakland Raiders are charging up betting boards.

Patriots -225 -230 -250 -240
Steelers +185 +190 +210 +200

NFL 2016 AFC Champion New England Patriots Chances to Win Super Bowl LI

NFC Championship Future Odds

Wide open is usually the best way to describe NFC Championship futures odds as several teams are normally in the National Football Conference mix. Led by superstar rookies, RB Ezekiel Elliott and QB Dak Prescott, the 12-2 Dallas Cowboys were the first team to clinch a 2017 NFL playoff position.

Falcons -180 -180 -210 -210
Packers +150 +160 +175 +175

NFL 2016 NFC Champion Atlanta Falcons Chances to Win Super Bowl LI

NFL Future Bets

Sometimes looked at as throwing good money after bad, especially by low limit casual bettors, we contest that betting on NFL futures odds should be considered as a valuable investment. It’s not a stretch, by any means, to suggest that wagering on the Super Bowl in August is akin to investing in stock market futures – like predicting the March price of gold or oil in December. In fact, given the massive amount of information available, National Football League futures betting can often be a more secure investment. That is especially true when one considers that carefully researched wagers can result in a guaranteed payday once the Championship contest rolls around. While there are different “schools of thought” the handicappers here at Canadian Sports Betting prefer to focus on preseason favorites, as those wagers are the easiest to back up in-season or prior to the playoffs.

Although a little late to the party, we can point to our Carolina Super Bowl 50 prediction as a classic example of how futures betting can set up a guaranteed winning wager. After placing five units on the Panthers +475 ML price, prior to Wild Card Weekend last season, we were able to turn that bet into an 890 unit profit despite the fact that the Denver Broncos crushed the Kittens 24-10 during Super Bowl 50. That certainly wasn’t a “fluke win” as we figured the NFC representative would be the chalk side on Super Bowl Sunday and that’s exactly how it turned out. Being as our Panthers wager was set to earn a 1,875 unit return, backing the Broncos with a 900 unit wager set us with a guaranteed +975 return if the Cats won and a +890 profit if Denver took the title. The Mile High Kids were Champs and, in addition to our profit, we saved a 1000 unit loss by backing up our bet at Bodog. Stick with us, as we will cover the 2017 NFL playoff season from pillar to post.