Calgary Stampeders Odds

Stampeding out of the gates in 1935, the Calgary Stampeders have seen their share of ups and downs over their history but have settled into a nice long stretch of success. Bettors will see this in the Calgary Stampeders odds as they have built a strong football culture that excels at producing on field talent. Make sure to tune into Stamps games throughout the season as they provider fans and wagerers with top CFL moments every season.  

Calgary Stampeders Next Game

See great lines for the Calgary Stampeders next game and enjoy the season as much as Stamps fans have enjoyed the last thirty years.

CFL - Regular
Friday 23 June
Calgary Stampeders
Ottawa RedBlacks

Calgary Stampeders @ Ottawa RedBlacks

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Calgary Stampeders Football Schedule

A full Calgary Stampeders football schedule is ready for bettors down below. Look through it, find the best matches and have some fun.

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competitions Away Score Home Money Line
June 2017 (2)
Fri 23 Reg. MD1 Calgary Stamped. 19:30 Ottawa RedBlacks -175 +200 Odds
Thu 29 Reg. MD2 Ottawa RedBlacks 21:00 Calgary Stamped.
July 2017 (4)
Fri 7 Reg. MD3 Calgary Stamped. 20:30 Winnipeg Blue B.
Fri 14 Reg. MD4 Calgary Stamped. 19:00 Montreal Alouet.
Sat 22 Reg. MD5 Saskatchewan Ro. 21:00 Calgary Stamped.
Sat 29 Reg. MD6 Hamilton Tigerc. 21:30 Calgary Stamped.
August 2017 (3)
Thu 3 Reg. MD7 Calgary Stamped. 19:30 Toronto Argonau.
Fri 18 Reg. MD9 Calgary Stamped. 22:30 British Columbi.
Sat 26 Reg. MD10 Toronto Argonau. 21:00 Calgary Stamped.
September 2017 (5)
Mon 4 Reg. MD11 Edmonton Eskimos 15:00 Calgary Stamped.
Sat 9 Reg. MD12 Calgary Stamped. 21:00 Edmonton Eskimos
Sat 16 Reg. MD13 British Columbi. 19:00 Calgary Stamped.
Sun 24 Reg. MD14 Calgary Stamped. 16:00 Saskatchewan Ro.
Fri 29 Reg. MD15 Montreal Alouet. 21:30 Calgary Stamped.
October 2017 (3)
Fri 13 Reg. MD17 Calgary Stamped. 19:00 Hamilton Tigerc.
Fri 20 Reg. MD18 Saskatchewan Ro. 21:00 Calgary Stamped.
Sat 28 Reg. MD19 Calgary Stamped. 19:00 Edmonton Eskimos
November 2017 (1)
Fri 3 Reg. MD20 Winnipeg Blue B. 21:30 Calgary Stamped.

Calgary Stampeders Scores And Standings

The Western Division is full of tough teams and great battles. Check the Calgary Stampeders standings – equipped with handy statistics – to see how this season is going.

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# team P W L + -
1 Montreal Alouettes Montreal Alouettes 1 1 0 17 16
2 British Columbia Lions British Columbia Lions 0 0 0 0 0
3 Calgary Stampeders Calgary Stampeders 0 0 0 0 0
4 Edmonton Eskimos Edmonton Eskimos 0 0 0 0 0
5 Hamilton Tigercats Hamilton Tigercats 0 0 0 0 0
6 Ottawa RedBlacks Ottawa RedBlacks 0 0 0 0 0
7 Toronto Argonauts Toronto Argonauts 0 0 0 0 0
8 Winnipeg Blue Bombers Winnipeg Blue Bombers 0 0 0 0 0
9 Saskatchewan Roughriders Saskatchewan Roughriders 1 0 1 16 17

Bet On Calgary Stampeders Games

The Stamps – as the locals commonly refer to them as – have been a force to reckon with since the 1980s. Before that, their history is so-so, but they were overshadowed by most other CFL teams. Then the 1980s – or about 1985 to be more precise – came and Calgary embarked on a lengthy and successful run. The culminating success of the run includes 26 trips to the playoffs, nine Grey Cup appearances and five Grey Cup victories.

The Stampeders are poised for success as long as they have certainty under center. During their strong stretch, they have had notable quarterback after notable quarterback, including two in the 1990s that went on to be Pro Bowl players in the National Football League. Bettors should monitor the quarterbacking situation before as well as during the season to ensure the Stamps can continue their winning ways.

Calgary and Edmonton share a big rivalry as they are both located in the same province and division. Typically playing each other three times a season, the two franchises have faced off hundreds of times. Bettors can dive into their history to get a better understanding of the rivalry. Overall Edmonton leads the series 125-93-3 and has the advantage in the playoffs 14-12. Calgary and the BC Lions usually engage in highly contested games. The same can be said about Calgary and the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

Calgary plays at McMahon stadium, where they showcase their best football. In 2015 the team went an impressive 8-1 at home, compared to a more average 5-4 on the road. The weather in Calgary is usually bright and sunny – as no major city in Canada gets more days of sunshine during the year than Calgary does.