Winnipeg Blue Bombers Odds

As one of the oldest and most successful franchises in Canada Football League history, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers exhibit great culture and tradition. The team has gone through a rough patch the last two and a half decades – in terms of Grey Cup victories – but no matter the success of the team, fans and bettors can be certain that once it hits June Winnipeg Blue Bombers odds will be ready and waiting. 

Winnipeg Blue Bombers Next Game

Check the money line and spreads for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers’ next game here, every week throughout the CFL season.

CFL - Regular
Thursday 17 August
Edmonton Eskimos
Winnipeg Blue Bombers

Eskies @ Bombers

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Winnipeg Blue Bombers Football Schedule

Check upcoming matches, see past scores and watch the live money lines move with the full Winnipeg Blue Bomber schedule.

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competitions Away Score Home Money Line
July 2017 (5)
Sat 1 Reg. MD2 Bombers 43 - 40 Riders +120 -123 Odds
Fri 7 Reg. MD3 Stamps 29 - 10 Bombers -172 +150 Odds
Thu 13 Reg. MD4 Argos 25 - 33 Bombers +145 -167 Odds
Fri 21 Reg. MD5 Bombers 42 - 45 Lions +165 -185 Odds
Thu 27 Reg. MD6 Larks 40 - 41 Bombers +167 -192 Odds
August 2017 (4)
Fri 4 Reg. MD7 Bombers 33 - 30 Ottawa RedBlacks +150 -161 Odds
Sat 12 Reg. MD8 Bombers 39 - 12 Ticats -125 +105 Odds
Thu 17 Reg. MD9 Edmonton Eskimos 20:30 Bombers -105 -105 Odds
Thu 24 Reg. MD10 Bombers 19:30 Larks
September 2017 (4)
Sun 3 Reg. MD11 Bombers 16:00 Riders
Sat 9 Reg. MD12 Riders 15:00 Bombers
Fri 22 Reg. MD14 Ottawa RedBlacks 20:00 Bombers
Sat 30 Reg. MD15 Bombers 21:30 Edmonton Eskimos
October 2017 (4)
Fri 6 Reg. MD16 Ticats 20:30 Bombers
Sat 14 Reg. MD17 Lions 16:00 Bombers
Sat 21 Reg. MD18 Bombers 16:00 Argos
Sat 28 Reg. MD19 Lions 16:00 Bombers
November 2017 (1)
Fri 3 Reg. MD20 Bombers 21:30 Stamps

Winnipeg Blue Bombers Scores And Standings

Eighteen football games mean plenty of movement in the standings. Check the Winnipeg Blue Bomber standings after every game to stay on top of all that movement.

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# team P W L + -
1 Edmonton Eskimos Edmonton Eskimos 7 7 0 204 169
2 Calgary Stampeders Calgary Stampeders 7 5 1 254 145
3 Winnipeg Blue Bombers Winnipeg Blue Bombers 7 5 2 241 221
4 British Columbia Lions British Columbia Lions 8 5 3 228 222
5 Saskatchewan Roughriders Saskatchewan Roughriders 7 3 4 197 172
6 Montreal Alouettes Montreal Alouettes 7 3 4 162 159
7 Toronto Argonauts Toronto Argonauts 8 3 5 185 225
8 Ottawa RedBlacks Ottawa RedBlacks 8 1 6 214 229
9 Hamilton Tigercats Hamilton Tigercats 7 0 7 130 273

Bet On Winnipeg Blue Bombers Games

Taking their first snap over a four score – eighty years – ago, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers are one of the oldest and most important CFL franchises.

Due to the fact they are located in central Canada, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers have a long history of flip-flopping divisions. The CFL introduced divisions in 1961 and since this adaptation, the Blue Bombers have changed divisions a record nine times. The most recent occurrence happened in 2014, when the City of Ottawa re-entered the CFL, sending the Blue Bombers back to the Western Division. There are some inherent benefits to switching divisions.

The Blue Bombers share a rivalry with most other CFL teams in part from the fact they have switched divisions on so many – as well as the size of the CFL and the franchise’s longevity. To pick their biggest rival is not much of a challenge as most fans of the team would quickly reply the Saskatchewan Roughriders. The two teams have battled it out hundreds of times, but in 2004 they started a Labour Day tradition called the Banjo Bowl. The Labour Day spectacle has provided football fans with what they love and carve; great, tight games and parity. Through the first twelve meetings in the series, the teams have split the games, winning six a piece.

Remember to pay attention to injuries, bye weeks and offseason roster changes before making any sufficient wagers. Injury reports will have the most immediate impacts on lines as the schedule and offseason roster changes and are known factors in advanced. Winnipeg’s climate can impact the game. Temperature variance from mid-July early season games to early November playoff games can be close to 40 degrees Celsius, which is quite the range and will have an impact on players – especially rookies and unfamiliar opponents.