Ottawa Redblacks Odds

After years of debate and hard work, the Canadian Football League finally returned to Ottawa in 2014 – with the franchise being named the Redblacks. Their first two seasons have been two completely different tales, as the first ended in a last place finish and the second ended in a Grey Cup berth. No matter what happens in their third season and beyond, it looks like the Redblacks are here to stay. Even though their history is brief, Ottawa Redblacks odds are readily available for every game through the season.

Ottawa Redblacks Next Game

At home or on the road, against an Ontario Rival or a Western division foe, Ottawa Redblacks next game odds today are here and always up to date with links to the top Canadian Football League betting sites on the internet.

CFL - Regular
Friday 04 August
Winnipeg Blue Bombers
Ottawa RedBlacks

Bombers @ Redblacks

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Ottawa Redblacks Football Schedule

Below you will find Ottawa’s entire schedule for the year’s CFL season with the scores and odds updating as the season progresses along.

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competitions Away Score Home Money Line
June 2017 (2)
Fri 23 Reg. MD1 Stamps 31 - 31 Ottawa RedBlacks -175 +200 Odds
Thu 29 Reg. MD2 Ottawa RedBlacks 39 - 43 Stamps +260 -323 Odds
July 2017 (4)
Sat 8 Reg. MD3 Argos 26 - 25 Ottawa RedBlacks +160 -182 Odds
Fri 14 Reg. MD4 Ottawa RedBlacks 21 - 23 Edmonton Eskimos +145 -167 Odds
Wed 19 Reg. MD5 Larks 19 - 24 Ottawa RedBlacks +170 -200 Odds
Mon 24 Reg. MD5 Ottawa RedBlacks 24 - 27 Argos +145 -154 Odds
August 2017 (5)
Fri 4 Reg. MD7 Bombers 33 - 30 Ottawa RedBlacks +150 -161
Thu 10 Reg. MD8 Edmonton Eskimos 19:30 Ottawa RedBlacks
Fri 18 Reg. MD9 Ottawa RedBlacks 19:30 Ticats
Sat 26 Reg. MD10 Lions 15:30 Ottawa RedBlacks
Thu 31 Reg. MD11 Ottawa RedBlacks 19:30 Larks
September 2017 (4)
Sat 9 Reg. MD12 Ticats 18:00 Ottawa RedBlacks
Sun 17 Reg. MD13 Ottawa RedBlacks 13:00 Larks
Fri 22 Reg. MD14 Ottawa RedBlacks 20:00 Bombers
Fri 29 Reg. MD15 Riders 19:00 Ottawa RedBlacks
October 2017 (3)
Sat 7 Reg. MD16 Ottawa RedBlacks 19:00 Lions
Fri 13 Reg. MD17 Ottawa RedBlacks 22:00 Riders
Fri 27 Reg. MD19 Ticats 19:00 Ottawa RedBlacks

Ottawa Redblacks Scores And Standings

How will the Redblacks fare as they become more familiar with the rest of the CFL’s teams? Check out the standings below to find out.

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# team P W L + -
1 Edmonton Eskimos Edmonton Eskimos 6 6 0 177 149
2 Calgary Stampeders Calgary Stampeders 7 5 1 254 145
3 British Columbia Lions British Columbia Lions 7 5 2 220 181
4 Winnipeg Blue Bombers Winnipeg Blue Bombers 6 4 2 202 209
5 Toronto Argonauts Toronto Argonauts 7 3 4 176 204
6 Saskatchewan Roughriders Saskatchewan Roughriders 6 2 4 156 164
7 Montreal Alouettes Montreal Alouettes 6 2 4 141 150
8 Ottawa RedBlacks Ottawa RedBlacks 7 1 5 194 202
9 Hamilton Tigercats Hamilton Tigercats 6 0 6 118 234

Bet On Ottawa Redblacks Games

The Redblacks may have only joined the Canadian Football League in 2014, the city of Ottawa has a long history of football. Their first team, the other Rough Riders played for over 120 years and won multiple Grey Cups. The second iteration of an Ottawa team – the Renegades – lasted only three seasons and failed to make much of an impression on the fans. With theirquick success – as in making the Grey Cup in their second season – the Redblacks have ensured themselves a better fate than the Renegades.

With a very brief history, the Redblacks have not had much time to develop any big rivalries, but there is definite potential for some to come about over the next few seasons. Montreal comes to mind, as the two city are about two hours apart – and Ottawa being located on the Quebec border should mean a lot of Alouettes fans at TD Place when they play. After losing a close Grey Cup game to Calgary by a score of 26-20, Ottawa fans should see some of their extra passion go towards cheering against the Stampeders when they come to the Capital.

Since Ottawa’s history is limited and they have yet to play any team ten times – something that will not happen until late in 2016 season, by mainly will start happening in 2017 – there is not a large amount of information for bettors to check out before they start making wagers. Bettors should key in on the schedule, injuries and quarterback play. The biggest different between Ottawa’s first two seasons was the significant improvement the Redblacks had from football’s most important position.That quarterback was Henry Burris and at over 40 years old, the Redblacks will need to start looking for a new starter, sooner than later.