NBA Playoffs Betting Lines

Though the Raptors, Canada’s only NBA team, are very up and down, Canuck, fans of the NBA can access all four rounds of the Playoffs. We shouldn’t get too down on the Raptors, as they have made the postseason five times in their 17-year history. Top rated online sportsbooks have NBA playoff action cover from tip-off through to the final whistle. Spring in North America is prime time for Championship basketball hoop betting action. [+]

The NBA Playoffs are a best-of-seven elimination tournament among 16 teams from the Eastern Conference and Western Conference (eight each conference). The winners of the two conferences face off in the NBA Finals. Since after 2006, the playoff seeding was readjusted where the conference’s two best teams by record are seeded #1 and #2 to avoid the chance either faces the other before the conference finals. Although the NBA Playoffs seem easier to predict than the other sports, upsets still happen on occasion and doing some research on the playoff matchups can help alleviate chances of a losing bet.

Odds On NBA Playoffs Games

In no other sport is the concept of “where did that come from?” more prevalent than the NBA Playoffs. Players can heat up, dropping 30 in a quarter and single-highhandedly change the course of an entire series while the highly anticipated match-ups can prove to be one-sided. Canadian sports betting fans have tremendous options for the NBA Playoffs.

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Away Score Home Money Line
Tuesday 17 October
Boston Celtics 20:00 Cleveland Cavaliers +145 -161 Odds
Houston Rockets 22:30 Warriors +400 -455 Odds
Wednesday 18 October
Charlotte Hornets 19:00 Detroit Pistons +164 -196 Odds
Brooklyn Nets 19:00 Indiana Pacers +147 -175 Odds
Miami Heat 19:00 Orlando Magic -137 +117 Odds
Philadelphia 76ers 19:00 Washington Wizards +247 -303 Odds
Milwaukee Bucks 19:30 Boston Celtics +227 -278 Odds
Pelicans 20:00 Memphis Grizzlies +114 -135 Odds
Atlanta Hawks 20:30 Dallas Mavericks +188 -227 Odds
Denver Nuggets 21:00 Utah Jazz +114 -135 Odds
Wolves 21:30 San Antonio Spurs +222 -270 Odds
Houston Rockets 22:00 Sacramento Kings -435 +300 Odds
Blazers 22:00 Phoenix Suns -128 +107 Odds
Thursday 19 October
Chicago Bulls 19:30 Toronto Raptors
New York Knicks 20:00 Thunder +850 -1429 Odds
L.A. Clippers 22:30 L.A. Lakers -222 +185 Odds
Friday 20 October
Atlanta Hawks 19:00 Charlotte Hornets
Blazers 19:00 Indiana Pacers
Boston Celtics 19:00 Philadelphia 76ers
Detroit Pistons 19:00 Washington Wizards
Cleveland Cavaliers 19:00 Milwaukee Bucks -145 +122 Odds
Orlando Magic 19:30 Brooklyn Nets
Utah Jazz 20:00 Wolves
Sacramento Kings 20:30 Dallas Mavericks
Warriors 21:30 Pelicans -278 +227 Odds
L.A. Lakers 22:00 Phoenix Suns
Saturday 21 October
Philadelphia 76ers 19:30 Toronto Raptors
Orlando Magic 20:00 Cleveland Cavaliers
Indiana Pacers 20:00 Miami Heat
Detroit Pistons 20:00 New York Knicks
San Antonio Spurs 20:00 Chicago Bulls
Dallas Mavericks 20:00 Houston Rockets
Warriors 20:00 Memphis Grizzlies
Blazers 20:30 Milwaukee Bucks
Sacramento Kings 21:00 Denver Nuggets
Thunder 21:00 Utah Jazz
Phoenix Suns 22:30 L.A. Clippers
Sunday 22 October
Atlanta Hawks 15:30 Brooklyn Nets
Wolves 19:00 Thunder
Pelicans 21:30 L.A. Lakers

NBA Playoffs Betting Trends

The NBA Playoffs often go beyond having a “standard” starting five and we have the betting champion formula boiled down to the following recommended websites. Check out our reviews and then register anytime 24/7!

Bet On NBA Playoffs Games

With most sportsbooks offering Live Betting on each Playoff game, quarters and halves wagers increase in importance. Parlays are a popular choice come game-day, as are Game Totals wagers. Paying close to attention to teams with momentum can carry bettors over several games, or even a series, while backing the favorites can prove to be equally fruitful. Anything’s possible – the perfect avenue for long shot bettors!

The balance of power in the NBA can shift from Conference to Conference in any given year, but unlike the NHL, seeding is very important. Eighth-ranked seeds rarely advance and favorites can often waltz to the Conference fFnals, given the right match-ups. Some Playoff teams even sport a losing regular season record. For this reason, smart bettors know to look for the right spreads, not the right match-ups. Although MJ isn’t walking through the door anytime soon, one player can carry an entire team come Playoff time. Bryant, James, Duncan, each year it seems to be a new player assuming Alpha Dog status. Betting on that dog (even on an Underdog team) can be a great strategy. If a team is buying-in on Defense – hook up with the UNDER on Game Total betting!

One-on-one: a surprising fact about the NBA Playoffs is that the #1 seeds from either conference rarely ever face each other. In the last 17 years, both the top seeds from each conference have only met in the NBA Finals twice (2000 and 2008). In those 17 years, only 11 had a #1 seed in the NBA Finals, just as many times as a #2 seed.

Lucky number eight: it hasn’t happened often but at least five 8th seeded teams have upset the #1 team during the NBA playoffs and three happened in recent years. The Denver Nuggets were the first to pull it off in the 1994 playoffs when it was still a best-of-five format. The Warriors in 2007 were the first in a best-of-seven format to pull it off when they upset the mighty Dallas Mavericks who also happened to have the best record at the time.

Prop bets on futures: sometimes the NBA Playoffs can seem so straightforward and you already have a good idea who wins it all. If you’re confident, try making prop bets before the playoffs begin. You can place bets on a variety of “Futures” like who the conference champions will be or who will win the NBA title. You can also place bets on series outcomes from picking the series winner to how many games it will go or how many games the series winner will win by.