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A History of The NFL’s Mafia Legacy

A History of The NFL’s Mafia Legacy
The NFL is no stranger to secrets and what bigger than its connection to the mob. Since the 1920s, high-rollers with ties to casinos and the mob have been purchasing teams left and right, a legacy that is still present in the NFL today.

Superbowl. Scandals. Secrets. Just a few ”s” words related to the NFL. Each season it seems there is a new scandal waiting to rock the multi-billion dollar industry whether it’s a domestic abuse case that was swept under a rug or the infamous Spygate that brought forth Bill Belichick’s infamous rep. Yet all of these are small fry compared to what the NFL has really been involved in dating as far back as the Roaring Twenties: the mob and gambling.

It’s a given that a sport that is watched by two in every three American adults will be a magnet for illegal money, estimated up to $100 billion, flowing around. 

Al Capone and The Chicago Bears

Vegas a.k.a. Sin City holds barely a tenth of gambling in North America and that much money found its way to the NFL back in 1920 when Chicago Bears’ owner George Halas struck a deal with Charles Bidwill, a gambler associated with the notorious Al Capone himself to finance the team. A century later, Bidwill’s family still owns the Arizona Cardinals who were the Chicago Cardinals back in the day. The example here is just one of many NFL-mob connections mainly due to the big business between the NFL and gambling.

Sports betting is a major proponent of gambling across the States from the Windy City to Sin City and the NFL is the nationwide sports leader. Other NFL teams that took on gamblers tied with mobs to help finance or own teams included the New York Giants bought out by Tim Mara, a bookie, and the Pittsburgh Steelers owned by Art Rooney, an avid gambler in the 1920s. 

The trend didn’t end there as the West Coast scene particularly San Diego and Oakland had business dealings between the likes of Edward DeBartolo Jr., a member of the Youngstown DeBartolo family who owned the San Francisco 49ers in the late nineties. DeBartolo Jr. got kicked out of the NFL due to a bribing scandal involving a Louisiana governor. Meanwhile, Chargers owner Barron Hilton is a longtime gambler and married to Los Angeles attorney Sidney Korshak who allegedly had ties to the criminal underworld.

These are just specific examples as outline on the San Diego Reader and Business Insider. More ties within the NFL could be boiling and it’s expected whenever big money is involved. 

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